Friday, April 20, 2012

What I Love about Holt

Since he is not at any milestone month right now, I just had to write down what I am just absolutely loving about Holt right now. I'm always afraid I will forget these magic little moments that just make my day.

-He puts on my shoes for me, any shoes, grabs my hand and says "alk" and guides me around the house. Typically for no good reason except he wants to "alk" with me.
-Asks for "un peas" with his one pointer finger up when he wants one piece of candy
-Picks up any little thing that belongs in the "tash" and takes it to the trash can
-Absolutely obsessed with airplanes. Watching them in the sky, moving his arms like one, and uhhh growling like one. I didn't know they growled, but to him they do.
-All his animal sounds from the elephant with his hand up like a trunk to the owl saying hooo hooo.
-He punishes himself by saying "nooo" after he does something he shouldn't
-His dance moves, classic. From the hands up in the air to his funky chicken.
-How utterly excited he gets when we mention going outside, I'm talking squealing with happiness, jumping for joy all the way to the door excited.
-Doesn't want to be held in public, wants to "alk" at least he always reaches for my hand first and who can say no to that.
-The first 30 minutes of the day when we get his milk and cuddle on the couch watching one of his fav shows...the calm before the storm if you will.
-Listening to him trying to sing songs, typically when he is falling asleep at night. His current favs are "I'm the map" from Dora "Imma imma imma imma mat" and the Bye Bye Song from his gym class.
-How he excuses himself from a meal by saying "All done!" with his hands up in the air. Sometimes this happens as soon as I give him something he would rather not have.
-Absolutely ever tiny little mishap warrants an "Uh-oh" or "Oh noo"
-How he says the letter L by pushing his tongue out of his mouth
-How he says the word dirt
-When he brings me a book and says "ree?"
-He says BOO every time I pull his shirt over his head
-Loves saying "Weeee!" as he swings

Here are some of my fav pics from lately. He can sure make me laugh and he is really a sweet boy!

Milking his first skinned knee for all it was worth

Just something so irresistible about a sleeping baby

Monday, April 9, 2012

Jett Paul Kummer

So we've been keeping a secret from our friends and family for almost 2 weeks! At my appointment a couple weeks ago to check on the condition of my placenta previa, the ultrasound tech asked us if we wanted to know what it was. We weren't going to ask so the fact that she offered it, put us in quite a predicament. Kyle and I looked at each other and agreed we would find out if she was 100% sure of what it was. When you don't plan on finding out this news, your mind goes crazy all of a sudden. Kyle said we were waiting until Easter when we could tell everyone in person. So we did! Without much investigating, Jett showed us he was all BOY!

I had a feeling at 12 weeks, just like I did with Holt, that this was another boy. His heartrate (even though that's an old wives tale) was doing exactly what Holt's did. It started high and slowly decreased at every appointment. Even though I wouldn't have normally seen the baby at 12 weeks, once I did, I was almost certain it was a boy. He was moving all over the place...just like Holt did. As you know I did not care what it was, just prayed for a healthy baby. I am already used to saying "My boys" so now it will continue. Holt will have a best lil buddy and I cannot wait to watch them grow up together. They will be so close in age. I am also curious to see if Jett will look like Holt and Daddy or if he will take on some of my darker features. Oh I just can't wait to see him for the first time!

People want to know about the name. Jett was a name my parents chose for a boy if me or Ashley was going to be a boy. They didn't get to use it. So I am! Paul is a Kummer family name. It is Kyle's middle name (he is also the second born boy, so it kinda makes sense), his Dad's name, and his Grandpa's name. His Grandpa passed away when Holt was 3 months old. I was especially excited to find out we were having a boy so we could pass on this very special name to our little boy.

So how did we tell everyone? Holt passed out his very special Easter Eggs to Grampy, Beck, Bond, and Uncle Trent at lunch on Saturday. His very special eggs contained Hershey's Kisses that had It's a Boy! printed on the tags. He was also excited to share his special eggs with Meme, Ash, Mason (Meese), and Russell after Easter Brunch on Sunday. We shared the news in a different way for Kyle's family. It just so happened to be Kyle's dad, Paul's birthday the day after Easter. After we had Easter dinner we presented him with a pink and blue "birthday" cake. This raised some questions right away. We told them as he cut into the cake the sex of our baby would be revealed. Amy squealed with excitement saying, "This could be changing history!" while Paula kept her cool hoping to see pink icing on the inside I'm sure. Paul took his time cutting and what do you know BLUE icing was revealed. All hope of every having a Kummer girl is now gone. Haha!

Jett Paul will be welcomed into this family of boys lovingly and with open arms from his Mama in September! I love my BOYS!