Sunday, December 30, 2012

Jett is 3 months!

Ok, so he was like 2 weeks ago. I can't decide if I am busy or lazy. I say I don't have time for anything because I don't. Then when I do get a spare moment, I do nothing but sit still. Busy or lazy, you decide. Jett holds my heart in the palm of his hand. He is by far more difficult than Holt was in many ways, but something about his chubby face with dimples and how he just absolutely loves his mommy, makes me so happy to just see his face. Every night before bed I am so glad that it is bedtime, but when I hear him in the morning, I can't wait to see him. That lil guy just has my heart. He is laughing now and it's the cutest. It's always short lived because after 2-3 big laughs the hiccups begin. I almost feel bad making him laugh because he pays for it for 15 minutes! If mommy isn't the one catching his eye, it's his big brother. He just loves to watch him. He also loves to watch tv. I didn't provoke this, he just moves his head until he can see it. I'm getting the hang of this two kid thing and I think I'm doing a pretty good job of splitting my attention. I say this because Holt hasn't lashed out or done anything crazy to try and earn some attention back. If he wants me and I'm holding Jett, he sometimes asks me to put him down. As long as Jett is fine with that (not hungry or sleepy), so I am I.
Jett is an absolutely horrible car rider and errand runner with me. He hates the car and his carseat and hates running errands unless he is asleep. He doesn't sleep very soundly, so transferring him from the car to stroller, or anywhere for that matter without waking him up, is almost impossible, . He's even in his carrier the whole time. As soon as he gets in his carseat, the screaming begins and it usually doesn't stop. This is why I feel like I never get out of the house. It's miserable when I do! He still does not sleep much during the day. Some days he sleeps less than 2 hours combined over 3-4 naps. Others I have counted as being less than 1.5hrs ALL DAY. I've tried every location in our house with the swing being the most successful. As nice as it is that he sleeps here, I'm not about to make it a habit. I'm totally against sleep aids. He is ready for bed by 7 or 7:30 and you better not try and keep him out past his bedtime or you will pay for it. Even if I still follow the 3 hour schedule of wake, eat, play sleep...he can't be tricked. He must go to bed around that time. I feed him before I go to bed around 11 and he sleeps until sometime between 4-6, 4:30 seems about average. This feeding typically keeps him satisfied until 8 or later most days. Although I would rather have him fed around 7:30. For some reason that time really sets a good pace for the day. I'm hoping he starts to settle into a better nap cycle during the day soon. I know he needs it and Lord knows I do!

It's true, every baby is different. Holt never wanted a soothie, ever. Jett is kind of a fan. I don't force it by any means, but he is one of those baby's that needs to suck. When he starts to get tired, he roots around like he is hungry, but he isn't. He just needs to suck on his soothie for a few minutes and he is lulled off to sleepyland. I don't let him sleep with it in his mouth. I'm terrified of a pacifier habit and I plan on being in control of it! Ha. I'm going to start breaking the habit by 4 months even if that means more difficult nap and bed times temporarily.

As far as milestones, we haven't hit any major ones just yet. I don't see rolling over happening anytime soon because he absolutely cannot stand tummy time. And confession time, I only put him on his tummy once a day or so because it's so painful to watch him. He buries his face and moves his head around violently and starts to cry almost immediately. I wait for him to stop so I can see how he is improving, but he never does so I have to flip him back. He loves laying on his back and I try to work with him rolling side to side instead. I'm sure he will roll over at some point so I am not going to worry about it. He can lift himself up for a few seconds, then it's back to face burying.

Jett facts:
Size 2 diapers
Size 6 month cloths

Jett loves:
Smiling and laughing
His playmat
Watching Holt
Sucking something while grabbing his hair
His swing
Bath time
Lights and ceiling fans
Facing the way where everything is going on

Jett does not love:
The car
His carseat
His brother's screaming
Facing the wall
Being on his tummy
Evening time

I don't have many pictures right now, I'll add them later. I just got a new computer and I do not have any on here yet. I just love this chunky monkey and I am so in love with his sweetness.