Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Jett is 4 months!

Shocking, I'm behind on another blog. It's amazing how I used to come into the office as soon as Holt went down for nap and I could stay here the entire time doing "stuff". Now, I'm lucky to get into the office more than twice a week. I was intentionally waiting to write Jett's blog until we went to the doctor for his checkup, that was just a few days ago. His pediatrician is always booked so far in advance that I still find it hard to get him around his actual monthly bday even when I call a month ahead of time. So here is a lil bit about my sweet chubby baby at 4 months.

16lbs 8oz (75%)
26.5in (90%)
Size 3 diapers
6month clothes, about ready for 9 *gasp!*

  • His big brother. Nothing sweeter than seeing him smile at Holt in sheer delight.
  • Daddy's silly faces and sounds
  • Itsy Bitsy Spider and pat cake
  • Exersaucer (his hand eye coordination is so good!)
  • His Mommy, of course
  • His football
  • His fingers and sucking his thumb (also a bit of a hair twirler when he's not ripping it out on accident)
  • Lights
  • Baths and bedtime
  • Getting undressed, I don't know why but he laughs and smiles the whole time
  • Morris the Moose that hangs from his carseat

  • Getting ready for a nap (cries when I "get him in postion" in my arms, quickly realizes I'm the one that's right)
  • Car seat, but has greatly improved in the past month
  • Holt's loud screams
There really isn't much this lil man doesn't like these days. The 4 month mark has been a huge turning point for him. He's finally on a schedule. I've seriously been working on this with him since he was 2 weeks old. Holt fell into a schedule very easily, Jett has been a huge challenge. Just goes to show that even when you do the exact same thing and know what you are doing...all babies are different. We also no longer use the soothie. As I mentioned before, I was terrified of the habit. He hasn't missed it at all since he found his thumb. Ha! I hope I don't have a thumb sucking toddler, but time will tell on that one. And he only sucks it for a few moments at nap time or to soothe himself back to sleep in the middle of the night. The colic has finally subsided completely, but he is still ready for bed around 7:30.  Don't mess with that. I am happy to say he is napping better during the day and has even had several 12 hour stretches at night. (Something Holt didn't do until around 7 months.) He averages about one a week but for the most part wakes up sometime between 4-6 to eat and goes back to sleep until 8ish most days. That makes me happy because that is when Holt gets up too. It's still rare if they nap at the same time each day, but it happens every now and then. Here is Jett's current schedule, roughly:

8am- Morning feeding
-Naps sometime an hour and a half to 2 hours later (typically his long nap hour and a half to 2hrs, shorter if we are out)
11:30- Feeding
-Naps sometime an hour and a half to 2 hours later (45min-1hr and a half nap)
2:30- Feeding
-Naps sometime an hour and a half to 2 hours later (Evening cat nap)
7pm Bath and get ready for bed (bathes every other night)
Feeding, and night night!

You don't know how good it feels to finally be able to type out his schedule! Where I used to leave the house to run an errand around the time he would fall asleep, now I try to run the errand when he is awake so he can sleep in his bed. He sleeps much better there than when we are out and about. Trying to stick to both of their schedules, also makes me a crazy person. I should just relax a little more, but I can't. It's been so hard to get Jett set on his routine, that I don't want to mess it up...ever. This has also caused me to become a hermit in my home and made life a little gloomy for me. It's hard to stay home everyday! I'm finally feeling a little better. The past month was hard for some reason. I've just been questioning a lot about myself and my worth, but that's another post for another day. I know time is just flying by and people always want it to slow down, but to be honest, I am happy these 4 months are over! It was really tough at some times. A colicky baby is no joke! Even during the hard days, he was still a little ray of light in the day. He just smiles nonstop and is so incredibly happy. His whole face lights up when he smiles. I could just kiss his chubby cheeks all day, and I do! He is so close to rolling over, I just really think he chooses not to because he hates being on his stomach. I would too if it was that big! He gets up on his side and just stays there. Then he goes back down and uses his feet to scoot. He's on the move without actually rolling. He did roll from tummy to back once, but I can't count that since it is not happening all the time.

The bond between he and Holt is growing by the day and I cannot wait to see these two grow up and become best buds. We love you Jett!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

I'm about done with you Facebook

I have loved Facebook since it started. Kyle has always made fun of me for it and probably wished I didn't spend so much time on it. Partially his fault, he insisted I get an iPhone which makes it just soooo easy to get on whenever I want! He doesn't get it. Lately, I don't get it either. The more it changes, the more annoyed I get. I know I know, it's a free service. We can't complain about what's free and what is out of our control. I'm not talking about the format or timeline or newsfeed changes over the years, I think all of those complaints are a little silly. We have all adapted haven't we? And guess what, we will adapt when it happens again.

I'm about done with it because it is depressing me. For the very reason that Facebook is wonderful, it's also the very reason it is so dang sad. It's wonderful that people can create a page and ask perfect strangers to pray. It's wonderful that you can suddenly be linked to a blog that makes you more aware of safety for your children. It's wonderful you can spread the word about a missing child or pet. It's wonderful you can come together as one unified group in a sad time in our Nation's history. It's wonderfully...depressing. My prayer list has grown so long I can't possibly remember all the awful stories I read on Facebook that day on top of praying for my own family and loved ones. I certainly try to remember them and quickly say a prayer when I see the words "Please say a prayer..." Heck I've even done it myself. I am beginning to feel guilty that I can't pray for everyone! So what do I do? Not pray for them at all? Choose the less awful story and try to remember to pray for them? It's too much, it's all too much. On top of that, I'm becoming a super paranoid Mom. It's hard enough to get through the day as a Mom worrying about the health and safety of your child without suddenly thinking your child is pulling his dresser on top of him at naptime because you have the monitor switched on camera 2 in the baby's room. Or your baby may not be reaching milestones because of some one in a billion disease you read about another baby having. Or thinking a fun bounce on the trampoline could result in a concussion or a leisurely swing on the playset could result in death. You already think horrible thoughts as a mom, we don't need the reminder. Gosh, this probably sounds horrible. It's great that so many people can come together for the sake of someone they have not met, don't get me wrong. What about everyone else? Everyone else's page that has not gone viral for some unknown reason? I think of these awful things all day. It's really sad. Here is one looney example of how it has made my mind think. Last week Holt hit his head on 4 different occasions in one afternoon. I heard him crying again when Kyle was getting him ready for bed. I heard Kyle say, "Don't do that! Are you ok?" When I asked what happened he told me that Holt had whipped his head back so hard that it scared him and hurt him. Crazy mom thought: Holt was internally decapitated and could possibly suffocate in his sleep. I mean what? That's crazy, right? Oh but it's not because I read a story like that one time. I checked on him more than a newborn that night. It's not healthy.

Don't get me started on the political posts, you people need twitter. But quite honestly, I'm not going to complain about it because I just skim right over anything I don't find interesting. I actually don't mind the sports posts. Most the time I can tell Kyle what happened in a game before he can even turn SportsCenter on. Therefore I can continue watching what I want to watch. And I'm sorry for all my friends that partake in this, I totally get why you do it, but I'm so over it. All the direct selling mavens out there bettering their lives one skin cream, statement necklace, and smelly wax cube at a time...AHHHHHHHH! There, I said it. As much as I want to believe this is the route for me to bring in some extra dough, it's really hard to believe it when 10 of you have (verbatim) the exact same status update, picture posted, and thank you posted all within a few hours of each other. I said I get it, doesn't mean I want to see it. I understand it's the best way to spark people's attention. I'd be lying if I said it didn't spark mine a time or two.

So Facebook, I'm over you. I want to see special announcements and people's kids. I want to see funny stories and over the top status updates from my sister. I want to see funny things your kids say. I actually kinda like the food pictures. I want to see happy things. I want to think happy thoughts. I also understand many people on Facebook hate, the things I just listed. So why are we "friends" anyways? Here's why I won't actually ever be able to leave it completely. What would I do during the 2+ hours a day I spend feeding my baby? I don't know why I need the validation of a "like" on something from a friend of friend I met one time at a wedding, but I do. I can't quit you, but I do so badly wish it could go back to a simpler time. The world is already scary, Facebook makes it scarier. At some point I think I will have to cut back, for my own sanity, and it will be a challenge. I'm willing to bet, I'll be able to go through my day just fine. I just might have to start hearing news from the people that matter straight from their mouths. What an idea, huh?