Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pajamas and Donuts, Holt turns 3!

We had his birthday party Saturday morning, my new fav time for a birthday party, by the way. There were all kinds of donuts and breakfast foods. We had kolaches, fruit salad, donut holes, cake donuts with sprinkles, regular donuts with sprinkles, glazed donuts, and my Mother in Law's special Charger Re-chargers. (One of Kyle's favorites from high school) They are butter tastin' biscuits with sausage and cheese inside, highly addicting.

I figured this is probably the last year I could do his party without much input from him. I've always wanted to have a breakfast themed party. Holt fights me every morning to stay in his pajamas, so this theme was truly perfect for him. Not to mention donuts are one of the only things he will eat, even if it's just the icing. We had around 40 people here, maybe more, and it was so fun. The kids loved making their Froot Loop necklaces even if they did not stay on their necklaces for long! Holt finally understood what his birthday was all about this year and could not wait for his friends to show up. He would keep asking me, "Are my friends here yet?" It's hard to believe he is 3! I'll have a separate post on that later. Here are some party highlights.
Keep Calm and Eat a Donut, ain't that the truth

10 dozen donut holes to make a tower, for the record

She's cute

Froot Loop Necklaces

Blowing out his candle on his special donut

Loved every minute of his party

Jett is 10 months!

How can this be? I just truly can't believe it. I can remember Holt being 10 months old so vividly this is crazy to me!

Jett has finally started to crawl! He was just happy as could be sitting there playing and watching his brother all this time. Now I'm sure he wonders why he didn't do this sooner! Although I am already missing the old days. He li
kes to play with things like the barstools and kitchen chairs or attempt to climb on the fireplace. So in other words, I have several small heart attacks a day. Sometimes he stops and puts both his feet down like he wants to stand, but he does not have the upper body strength for that just yet. He prefers standing to sitting these days. His obession is doorstops. He can spot them anywhere. He crawled all the way from the kitchen to the front of the house because he spotted the doorstop by the front door. He finds them fascinating and hilarious. He prefers to play with whatever big brother is playing with, much to Holt's dismay. I've already gotten rid of a lot of baby toys because I honestly don't think he will ever play with them!

He still loves books, absolutely loves them. As soon as we sit down in his glider before naps or at bedtime, he leans over and reaches for them. Usually he's happy with what I choose, but if he's not, he lets me know it and I choose a different one. Sometimes he is just so tired that he closes the book and turns and lays his head down on me, like he's saying "That's enough Mom, goodnight."

He has 4 bottles a day with 6oz each. 7:30, 11:30, 4, and at bedtime. His naps are better, he's a bit more predictable than he was the past few months. He naps at 10 and 3 usually for about an hour each time, sometimes an hour and half. I'm shocked if it's 2 hours. He has about a 4 hour awake threshold, but again this has gotten much easier. He's easier to distract or keep happy if we are out and about and he's tired. I still prefer to be home at naptime, so I spend a lot of time at home between the two boys and their nap schedules. Call me crazy but I know it's why they have both been great sleepers. Jett typically sleeps about 8pm-7am, but is happy in his crib until I get him around 7:30. Sometimes I just need to get myself going in the morning before I get him.

Jett is still completely attached to my hip. He has a little more freedom now that he is crawling, but usually it's just to find me...or a doorstop. He does not seem to have much stranger anxiety, even reaching out to some of them, but only briefly until he realizes he would rather me hold him.

As far as new foods, he still likes his baby food so I still give it to him. At every meal I am offering finger foods, but he would rather play with them. Another picky eater on my hands, fabulous. I've given him meatballs, chicken, grilled cheese, mac n cheese, peas, carrots, watermelon, bananas, blueberries, pancakes, and pretty much anything we eat within reason. He just doesn't eat it. He likes to squish the fruit and throw everything else to Bentley. I will continue to offer it in hopes that he just starts to like it one day!

He is 21lbs 5oz (he went to the dr for a severe diaper rash, that's how I know). He wears size 4 diapers, 12 month clothes (although they are getting snug), and is still my chunky monkey! He still has just his 2 bottom teeth with no sign of any others popping through.

Jett's smile just lights up my days and my whole world. It's just the absolute best smile ever! He makes us so happy and his laugh is just so funny. I'm waiting for that big belly laugh that he just can't stop, but for now his silly little giggle will do. He's also sensitive. When I have to tell him No-no for pulling up on barstools, he gets very upset. Poor guy. It's going to be hard to get mad at him. I say that now...lets talk again when he's 2.
2 teefers

Attached to my hip, can't get anything done

Shopping is so much easier when the snack cup is mastered!

Happy 10 months baby boy!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I'm falling apart, y'all!

I have not been afraid of getting older, ever. I'm not afraid of 30, it doesn't mean anything to me, it's just a number. Plus I got carded a couple weeks ago, so I know I don't look 30. *ear to ear grin*
However, my body is like "hold up!" I figured I would be one of those annoying people that bounced back to their prebaby weight within the first month, both times. I was wrong, both times. I was 92lbs when I got married and 100lbs when I got pregnant with Holt. I remember at that time I was trying to lose 5lbs before I got pregnant. Ummm, what? 95lbs, are you kidding? I have always been tiny and petite and never had any trouble with my body image or losing weight. So then come the kids. We all know what that does to our bodies during pregnancy, nothing can prepare you for what happens after! This skin, the spider veins, the pooch, the c section pooch, all of it!

This is why I am falling apart before the age of 30. I have keratosis pilaris, I have sun damaged skin, I have diastastis recti, I will battle kidney stones the rest of my life, I have chicken wings, I have 10lbs to lose, I have floppy flappy deflated balloon boobies, the list could go on. Who would have thought 10 years ago as I was getting so excited to legally buy alochol in one short year that I would be battling all of this drama on my body years later.

So what is keratosis pilaris? It's a hormonal change after you give birth, or really it can be in anyone, mine just appeared after having Holt. My arms are covered in tiny lil whitehead bumps which is basically my keratin cells getting stuck under my skin not able to leave my body. Whatever. They are ugly, bumpy, and make me super self conscious in sleeveless shirts. But, hey, I live in Texas and I have no choice. And by the way, it's dominant so there will be a 50% chance I pass it along to my children. I'm now using a $25 lotion to eliminate the bumps...it's been 3 weeks, they're still there. I'll have to use it forever or they will come back.

If you saw my FB post, you know I am totally freaked out by diastasis recti. My ab muscles are so weak from my babies that my stomach just pushes right through them when I'm full or just standing there. I still look pregnant because of this. Y'all are so nice and saying I look great, blah blah blah. I want to wear tighter fitting shirts again and I want to wear a 2 piece bathing suit again. None of this will happen until I am certain a stranger won't ask, "So how far along are you? You're just cranking them out aren't you!" It could totally happen. Not to mention, I still have a very dark and visible linea negra so I wouldn't blame someone for asking me if I was expecting again. That stupid thing won't go away.

I looked in the mirror one day and saw sun damage. I totally abused my skin in high school and college. My face is showing the proof. Thank you Retin A, I will be using you the rest of my life as well as another expensive face lotion "for best results."

Kidney stones, oh kidney stones. I did not know I had these until I was pregnant with Jett and I passed them. At 32 weeks I was hospitalized with major pains and unknown to me, small contractions. I knew I should have gone to the hospital. I woke up in the most excruciating pain from my back to the front. I thought it was a UTI. After taking a prescription, it did not get better within a few hours so I asked to go to the hospital. They took me to labor and delivery and gave me my drip of drugs. I don't remember what they were, but they were amazing. After an ultrasound they saw I had kidney stones. I passed 3 a week later...and it was weird. After I had Jett I was told to go back to my urologist for a follow up. An X-Ray and an MRI showed I still had kidney stones that my urologist said "Are going to get you eventually." Oh joy. There was only one that could be seen in the X ray, so I was not a good candidate for a procedure to remove it. So I'm a ticking time bomb for more excruciating pain someday, could be tomorrow, could be 10 years from now. There is no way of knowing. So what is causing the kidney stones? It could have been something in my diet or something I was not producing. Turns out I have incredibly low citrate levels. Thanks to a 24 hour urine test, they were able to find this. That's right. I pee into a bowl then dump it into a giant container and mix it around after 24 hours. Then I drop the sample off at my doctor's office. An abnormally low citrate level that is concerning is 320...mine was 107. My body does not make enough citrate to prevent the stones from forming. I went on a prescription that I would have to take my entire life. After 3 months and another 24 hour urine test, my doctor saw my pH levels were too high because of the medicine. I didn't like the medicine anyways, so I was fine with stopping. Now I am on magnesium oxide and 2 glasses of Simply Lemonade a day. I am due for another urine test so we will see what is wacky this time. My doctor said this is a lifelong problem and he will see my children grow and I will see his grow. Fabulous.

So I can only credit this all to getting older. I was fine with 30 coming up...now I am terrified what in the heck my body will do next. I mean this is weird stuff. TMI...nah.

Jett's First Haircut

As most moms, I was a little apprehensive to take him, especially at 9 months. I like his long, out of control hair, I always have. That crazy piece of hair that stood straight up from birth until it got too heavy and laid down...was still there. His hair has always made me smile. It's just so him. His hair needed a trim though. It's very fine, so I am not sure how to fix his hair. Not to mention he has a crazy cowlick smack dab in the middle of his head in front. There was no denying he needed the sides and the back trimmed up, so that's what we did. I thought because of his age, I would probably have to hold him the whole time on my lap. I was dreading this because I didn't want all that itchy hair all over me! When he saw the cute cars to sit in, he reached out and I gave it shot and set him there. He was all smiles. He barely knew anyone was cutting his hair. But when he figured it out, he gave the funniest "What the heck are you doing?" look. He handled it like a champ and I got the pictures to prove it. I also asked to keep that piece of hair that means so much to me, so it's mine forever. 


Having fun "driving"


His sweet lil piece of hair

July 4th!

So I have majorly slacked on any type of posts that weren't related to one of my children's growth or development. We had such an amazing 4th of July, that I just feel like I need to remember it! We left Wednesday afternoon and headed out to Horseshoe Bay where Kyle's parents have a house right on the water across from the Marriott. Those that knows us, know that this is our happy place. (Besides Cabo) We love going here. We got married here and we take a picture every year in the place where we stood saying our vows just to see how we change and how our family changes over the years. I am so glad we decided to start this tradition. I'll have to post pictures later because I haven't a clue where our camera is since getting back.

The 4th of July is one of my most favorite Holidays. I love the food, the colors, the fireworks, and SPARKLERS. Forget the big expensive ones you can buy at the firework stand, just give me some sparklers and I'm thrilled. This has just always been a fun Holiday for me. What I really love, going to watch the Fireworks, especially on the boat in the middle of the lake. I mean, it just doesn't get any better as far as a fireworks show goes. Icing on the cake, watching it through my son's eyes.

We started the day with a parade right out in front of the Marriott, a quick 2 minute walk from my in laws. Holt wasn't sure why all these nice people were throwing candy to him from their decorated cars and golf carts, but he sure didn't mind either! It was just as entertaining for Jett who happily watched from his Papa's lap or Lala's arms. We enjoyed ourselves. We headed back to the house where Jett took a nap and Kyle and I took Holt out on the Jet-Ski, or "jexsie" as Holt says. Every TCU flag Holt saw around the lake he happily chanted T-C-U! You couldn't wipe the grin off Kyle's face. We headed back in for lunch and I was thrilled to learn Jett napped until after 1! My plan of keeping him out late to watch fireworks was working since he took later naps. I took Jett for a little swim while Holt was napping before putting him down for his afternoon nap. He had a blast splishing and splashing in the baby pool.

After the boy's afternoon naps, we played outside some more and watched Kyle and his dad prepare our annual Crab Boil feast! We had shrimp, crab legs, corn, potatoes, and sausage. We look forward to this every year. The sun was beginning to set so we let Holt see some of the items Kyle picked out for him at the Fireworks stand. I'm not sure what he loved the most, the poppers or the smoke bombs in all colors. Every smoke bomb that was lit immediately became a Superhero to him. Green was Hulk, blue was Captain America, yellow was thing, red was Spiderman and Iron Man. You can see where his head is these days. He got the hang of the poppers too but had a hard time throwing them down hard enough some of time. He was just in complete awe of everything that had gone on this day, and the best was still yet to come!

After an attempt at sparklers, we headed out on the boat. I was a tad nervous about the sparklers and Holt was a tad afraid. We tuned the radio into the right station and watched the show begin. Even Jett was in awe as he laid on Kyle's chest looking up into the sky. He barely made a sound. Holt was having fun making up his own words to songs "Captain America! Captain America!" At least he said America. He did not want the show to end. When it was over we said we had to head back and he said, "And den we will come back in just a little bit-it!" Needless to say both boys slept great that night. It was a 4th of July to remember for sure! I love that Holt is getting old enough to understand the holidays and all the fun stuff that goes along with it!

The rest of the weekend consisted of boat rides, an attempt at tubing, putt putt, fishing, and swimming. We thought Holt would like the tube, and he did until Papa went a little too slow through a wake by another boat and he and Kyle got submerged in the water briefly. Oh the look on his face, heartbreaking. I decided I would ride with them too, it was a two seater. I held onto Holt for dear life so it wouldn't happen again. Tubing is not quite as fun as it used to be I must admit. I find it terrifying now! Haha! Another thing Holt did not enjoy as much as we thought he would, fishing. He enjoyed throwing it out there and reeling it in. He especially liked seeing that he caught a fish. He did not like Kyle trying to take the hook out of the fish's mouth. He saw a little bit of blood and then came the tears. He is really sensitive about that kind of thing. He said, "I don't like fishing because Daddy (insert finger in side of mouth and pull) on the fish and I don't like that."

We were always planning on leaving Saturday afternoon, but we decided that morning that we were having too much fun so we stayed until Sunday. Once we decided that, Kyle and I took Holt to play putt-putt while Jett took his morning nap. It is so fun to see Holt growing and maturing and able to handle fun little excursions like this with us. We enjoy our one on one time with him. Just as much as I enjoy my one on one play time with my littlest munchkin. I am sure Holt appreciates all the attention he gets while we are with him too. Like allowing him to have ice cream for lunch because it's just too hot for anything else!

We had such a wonderful weekend at the lake and we made some incredible family memories that will last a life time!