Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lots going on with the Kummers

Hello Blog World! Where to start, there is so much going on right now! I should start by thanking my sweet husband for doing such an amazing job on the nursery. It turned out even better than we could have expected. The furniture is all in, we're just waiting on my glider to come in. That should be this weekend sometime. Kyle was up late 3 nights in a row painting, hanging chair rail, and going back for touch ups. He is so picky about the room because I think he secretly wishes it could be his. Aside from having to hang a few things and add some more decorations, we're almost done. Thank you also to my Mom, or Bubbles as we like to call her, and Russell for helping put the border (TCU program covers) up when they were here Easter weekend.

Speaking of Easter weekend, we had a wonderful time with my family. Ashley and her boyfriend Mason, my mom and Russell, and Trent all joined us for the weekend. My cousin Kelly and his wife Dabney, as well as Mama Laurie joined us for Easter lunch. We had a great time catching up with everyone and were so blessed to spend that joyous holiday with family!

Now, on to the entrepreneurial spirit that has taken over the Kummer household! Although we both enjoy our current jobs in sales, we can't help but feel that we should follow our passions. With Holt on the way, we're both trying to figure out how to spend as much time with him as possible when he gets here. Kyle and his dad have decided to follow their hearts in the ,risky yet rewarding, industry of Real Estate. Their new company will be up and running by the end of April. They plan on specializing in leasing, buying/selling, property management, and everything else Real Estate in the TCU area. Of course it's not limited to the TCU area though. There is a good chance Kyle will have his first listing by the end of the month! As for me, I am a Scentsy consultant. For more information or to place and order, please visit my website. That is not my passion though. Ever since I left Zales as an assistant buyer a couple of years ago, I've been itching to use my knowledge of the jewelry industry. My mom and I have started our own company called Everlasting Love. We specialize in custom jewelry for special occasions such as engagement rings, wedding bands, push presents, or just because gifts! We're currently working on our first engagement ring and see several more orders in the pipeline for later this year. My mom has put a lot of sweat into starting this business for us and I can't thank her enough. I promise I'll pull my weight soon Mommy! Please keep Kyle and I in your prayers as we take on these new business ventures. We're very excited about them.

As for Mr. Holt Cannon, he is a growing boy! I can literally feel how much he has grown in the past 2 weeks just by how he is moving around in there. I can feel his head and lil bottom now as he tries to get situated in his tight living quarters. Kyle can now watch as Holt moves from one side of my belly to the next and always says, "That's really weird, but pretty neat at the same time." Not going to lie, it is really weird! I still can't believe this amazing life is growing inside me. I thank God several times a day for all the blessings he has sent my way these past few years. The first blessing being Kyle. No joke, a girl could not ask for a better husband and soul mate. He is going to make an amazing daddy to our little boy! I have my gestational diabetes testing this Friday and am keeping my fingers crossed that all is perfect!

As usual I'm sending lots of prayers out to my expecting friends and family members, some of who are nearing their due dates! Also in my prayers are our grandparents, some of whom are healthy as a horse, and the others that are going through some struggles right now. Lots of love to our friends and family!

(I promise to post pictures again soon, I'm just still trying to figure out this blog thing!)