Sunday, May 23, 2010

Time is flying!

Words cannot describe how quickly time is going by! I cannot even believe that May is almost over. This is exciting yet terrifying. Once May is over and it's June, I can officially say, "We're having a baby next month!" Oh my gosh, I can't believe it. In preparation of Holt's arrival, we have everything we need for his room. The only thing we are lacking is Meme Bubble's (my mom) decorating touches. She'll be here in June to put the finishing touches on his room. Thank goodness we have a decorator in the family because I pretty much have zero interest in decorating. I also had my first Baby Shower hosted by Joni and Katie Werner (Kummer family friends), Beth O'Dell (Kyle's Aunt)and Erin Parker (Kyle's cousin) at Apple Annie's in San Antonio. We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family. Everyone's generosity is truly amazing and so very appreciated by Kyle and I.

We also had a 3D/4D sonogram so we could see our little guy up close and personal. Although he was not 100% cooperative, we did manage to get some pretty neat pictures. From what I can tell, he is going to look like his Daddy, right down to the full lips. Kyle and I are such opposites as far as our looks go, that it will be quite interesting to see what Holt is going to look like. Of course we're keeping our fingers crossed that he gets Kyle's height! We both had braces twice so we know that is in our future no matter what. We're also hoping the Poorter (my mom's side of the family) ears, cute as they may be as a baby, do not make an appearance. For those of you that don't know, I had my ears pinned back when I was 13 because they stuck out. We shall see! No matter what he will be the cutest baby we have ever seen.

Our other baby, Bentley, is pretty sure something weird is going on but he can't quite put his paw on it. As soon as we enter the nursery to do something, he's right there in my face or on my lap, like he's preventing me from getting anything done in there. He's even gone as far as to push me out of the glider so he could take a comfortable nap. He's more clingy than ever, in fact every morning when I am putting my makeup on at my vanity, he rests his head on my chest and makes his way down to the belly as if he is saying hello. Or maybe he just thinks it's a great pillow. He just can't get enough of his Mommy, I think he knows his one on one time is quickly coming to a close.

I'm doing just fine. My weight gain is right where it should be although I will surpass the 25lbs they told me to gain at my first appointment. I'm going to chalk this up to carrying Kyle's baby, who was 9.8lbs himself at birth. I'm starting to get uncomfortable when it comes to almost everything, sleeping, sitting, standing, walking. Kyle finds it amusing that I have to hoist myself up on our bed or roll off the couch, so I had to nicely remind him that this is not funny, and that I could actually really use his help. We're going to the doctor twice a month now and start our child care classes this week. First up, Infant Safety and CPR!

Kyle has been very hard at work on his new company, I can officially make the announcement now, X Factor Realty LLC is up and operating. He has brokered a lease and is making huge strides to getting several listings. As much as real estate has been down in past years, it really is his passion and he is excited to get a taste of the action again! If you know anyone that needs to sell, lease, buy, invest, or need a property manager, send them Kyle's way!

This weekend we're heading to Horseshoe Bay for Memorial Day weekend and I will be rockin' a bathing suit. I'd like to say pictures to follow, but don't hold your breath. The following weekend Kyle, his dad, and brother's make their annual Guys trip to St. Louis. They look forward to this every year. I am lucky enough to have my sister in law, Amy, (also expecting a boy, yay!) stay with me that weekend. June 12 I have a shower in Houston and June 19th we have a couples shower here in Dallas. After that, I will be going into hiding.

God Bless everyone! Have a safe enjoyable Memorial Day Weekend!