Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Well, I knew this would be the result this year. Last year the pic was so sweet and he had no idea what was going on. This year, was quite the opposite. I tried really hard to make Santa seem sweet and jolly like he is. I was pointing at him while we waited in line. I was telling Holt to wave and blow kisses, which he happily did. The closer we got...the tighter his legs were clinging to my waist. I kept hoping he would have a change of heart, especially because Santa was waving and playing peekaboo with Holt while we waited in between kids. No such luck. Santa pried Holt from my arms and the screaming began. Holt was frozen with fear. Out of 4 pics they snapped, they were all the same. We even tried to get one with his eyes open, no such luck. I had M&Ms waving in front of him and he wouldn't even eat one of those. I thought it was hilarious but the photographer felt really bad so she went and picked him up. He was absolutely terrified...and I've got a picture to frame and cherish forever during the Holidays! I couldn't have asked for a better reaction really.