Friday, February 10, 2012

Can I Just Say...

That time of the week where I need to get a few things off my chest. Here goes:

Can I just say that Toddlers and Tiaras is disgusting...and entertaining? So if it's on...and I'm alone, I watch it. Mostly with a look a sheer disgust on my face with the occasional giggle. Now I was in pageants growing up. Yes I was, 2nd Runner Up Imperial Miss when I was 18 months old, so I'm basically a pro. It's disgusting because the mothers are disgusting. I'm not even mad that they exploit their little girls, I'm mad that they are living vicariously through them. Is it a rule that the mothers of pageant girls must live in trailers and be obese? That seems to be the norm. "Hey we don't have any money, let's spend thousands of dollars on pageants and if we're lucky enough, she gets top prize at the Holiday Inn Pageant and we will bring home $100!" No wonder they live in trailers. Now some of the moms are pretty and some of the girls seem to truly enjoy the pageant life, good for them. But the hideous mother, in more ways than one, that gives her already obnoxious child Go Go Juice (a concoction of mountain dew and red bull) to get her amped up before a pageant is just wrong. Maybe she should have tried the placebo effect before real caffeine Honey Boo Boo Child...

Can I just say that I am so angry at the selfish father who took his life and the lives of his two innocent sons? If you can't live without your children, then just off yourself. Problem solved, you aren't living without them because aren't living, and they get to go on and live normal lives. I want to cry/turn the tv off every time this man is mentioned. It's one of the worst stories I have heard on the news in awhile. I am so sad for the family who lost their daughter and now their grandchildren.

Can I just say that Valentine's Day is not just about the females? I get so mad when men claim this to be true. Kyle and I make a true effort to make the day special for both of us. I don't expect it to be all about me. If you spend all year making your woman mad then yeah you should make one day about her, but if you don't then it's a day of love for both of you. So guess what March 14th, you are irrelevant. Google it.

Can I just say that this article rubbed me the wrong way. How immature and selfish is the coach of the other team to bring this to the officials attention? The girls basketball team was trying to earn money for Make A Wish and bring awareness to the charity and this jerk decides they are breaking a rule and should be penalized. Did they perhaps break a rule, yes, should any human being with a heart have thought about bringing it to the officials attention, absolutely not. Shame on that coach for caring more about winning a game than the cause of a charity.