Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Baby Kummer #2

We are expecting baby #2! I started this blog about halfway through my pregnancy with Holt so I am going to try and document this one better from the beginning. Baby Kummer is expected to arrive September 20th, but since I previously had a C Section with Holt, I am choosing to go go that route (the safe route) again with this one. Besides, it will be wonderful to show up on Baby day all showered and fresh, have a baby a couple hours later, and avoid getting pumped full of fluid for 12 hours prior to having the baby. My doctor, 2nd doctor, says I can choose any day of the week which is awesome because most doctors schedule surgeries one day a week to get them out of the way. I started off going to one doctor in the medical center, but after a bad experience with the appt seeing our baby the first time (can you say 9:15am appt with a 3 hour wait), we decided to go back to the doctor I used in High School and all of college. I truly felt at home walking into her office and she remembered me! It's a new office too. The first doctor was in a building with a parking garage, you had to pay for, and on the 18th floor. I was used to driving up to a building, parking, and being inside. All of that took 5 minutes. The first doctor was a good 20 minute chore just to get up to the office not to mention, 45 minutes from our house with NO traffic. I am so happy to be back at my doctor in Katy, who is about 8 minutes from the house.

So how did baby Kummer come about? Ok, I'm not sharing those details of course, but I will tell you Baby Kummer did not want to make us wait long. We were fortunate enough to get pregnant the first try. I had my IUD removed in November and the rest is history. I didn't tell Kyle I was planning on taking a pregnancy test, we like to surprise each other. On January 12, after he left for work, I leapt out of bed to take my test. I set it down and paced the bathroom and walked back over to it about 2 minutes later. Clear as day were 2 dark pink lines. None of those faint lines, it was very obvious. I went to Hobby Lobby that day to buy a onesie and a Big Brother iron on. When Kyle walked in that night he saw Holt wearing the onesie. His first reaction was "You're pregnant?" and he said that with utter confusion. He was so confused I had to ask, "Are you happy?" When the shock wore off he said of course he was and that night patted my belly saying, "You're pregnant babe!" A few weeks later I decided not to waste the second pregnancy test and take it for fun, why? I don't know. The line was FAINT. I panicked. How could it be so dark a few weeks before and FAINT now. I still hadn't been to the doctor, I had to wait 4 weeks. After researching I saw the color of the line has nothing to do with how far you are or anything like that. A line is a line and the dyes can be different colors.

As with Holt, we decide to wait to tell the family until we saw the baby and heard the heartbeat. I would be 9 weeks by that point. Luckily it would fall right around Valentine's Day. We saw the doctor on February 13 and told my mom and sister that night. I told them Holt wanted to give them their Valentine's early. I put him in the same big brother onesie and it took them about 10 minutes to catch on. Haha! We mailed a copy of the sonogram with Holt's Valentine to his Grandma and Grandpa in San Antonio. They received it the next day. I was able to go to lunch with my dad a few days later and tell him in person. Holt handed him a copy of the sonogram as well. Everyone is excited, it's just a different excitement than with the first one. No YouTube worthy moments here, but everyone is very happy about it.

This pregnancy has been totally opposite from Holt's pregnancy. The cravings, the feelings, everything. I have been exhausted since before I knew I was pregnant this time around. Like have to take a nap to get through the day exhausted. I started off with some digestive issues, that lets just say, kept me close to home. Then the nausea set in. With Holt I had some food aversion issues where I would start eating and just not be able to finish, even if it was something I loved. With this one that wasn't a problem as much, just certain aversions like onions, tomato sauce, and cucumbers. I got sick several times, that never happened with Holt. I dreaded brushing my teeth in fear I would throw up everywhere. I was nauseous all day, but got sick in the evening or at night. With Holt I wanted sweet sweet sweet stuff all the time. Sweet cereals and donuts, candy, ice cream, brownies, smores pop-tarts, you name it. With this one I want salty, tangy, and spicy. Me and salt and vinegar chips and fried pickles with ranch are great friends. I'm also showing and have been since about 10 weeks. I looked full on pregnant by 12 weeks and have quite the belly going for me now. It's amazing how you body just goes, "Oh yeah, I remember this."

As I was getting ready to tell the world and make it Facebook official at 12 weeks, I unexpectedly started spotting one Saturday. Nothing major, just not something you want to see while pregnant. I spoke to the nurse and she assured me it did not sound like anything to be concerned about. It stopped on Sunday and I chalked it up to a fluke, one time ordeal. It happened again Monday evening, and with Kyle out of town, we both agreed it was best I go ahead and go in for an ultrasound the next morning. The baby looked great but I was diagnosed with placenta previa. This is where the placenta covers the cervix, not where it's supposed to be. I was put on pelvic rest and told to come back for another ultrasound at my next 4 week appt. That was yesterday and again the baby looks fantastic. I am happy to say that the placenta previa cleared up entirely and is no longer a concern! They said this would likely happen at this early stage in the pregnancy. So that is why we waited so long to make our announcement official! I appreciate all the prayer warriors out there that helped me get through that time. I was never scared because I felt the love and support pouring in for me and Baby K.

We find out what we are having at the next appointment. Can I just say that if it's a little girl, she will want for nothing from her Grandma and Meme? There has not been a female Kummer born in over 60 years. Kyle's aunts had boys and Kyle and his brother started off the grandkids by having boys. Grandma Kummer (Paula) is just itching to buy some pink, or purple as I would prefer. Meme is dying to learn how to make the biggest bows possible. We on the other hand, do not care one bit what Baby K is. A boy would be great for Holt, close in age, best buddy brothers. A girl would be fun because it would be different for everyone! At this point, I just want a healthy baby and a healthy pregnancy. It's going to be a long hot Summer, but we can't wait to meet Baby K in September!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

One Fear of Parenting

We all have fears as a parent. In the beginning you fear they will stop breathing when they sleep. They aren't eating enough. They aren't walking when they "should" be. They aren't talking when they "should" be. Fear something will happen to them. All of these are true fears, yet utterly out of our control. My heart has been carrying a much bigger fear lately most likely because of the news. If you read my "Can I just Say" posts, you'll know I despise the news. This fear, I believe is entirely in the control of the parents and that is why it is so real.

Bullying has made it's presence known, particularly, through media outlets loud and clear over the past few years. Celebrities are standing up against bullying. Children are killing themselves because of bullies at school. There is even a new documentary out about it, see here. Bullying is nothing new. I was bullied as a kid. Even though I had plenty of friends and may even consider myself "popular", I had a bully. I was teased that my ears stuck out, I was teased for being short, whatever it may be. This is nothing new. You know what else, my parents teased me too. In a funny way that toughened me up. They taught me to have a sense of humor and to love these things about myself. They told me that my bully was jealous of me, and she probably was. I beat her at everything. I don't know how I handled the bullying like I did, it hurt. Although one time in first grade, a 5th grader (not my bully for long) was picking on me on the school bus. I busted out a random factoid I didn't think she would know. "Oh yea, well I bet you don't know the capital of Rhode Island?" And I was right, she didn't know. But I did (Providence is the answer) and made her look like less of a bully the rest of the ride home.

I bet you were bullied too in some way. But here is my fear as a parent, not that my child will get bullied, but that my child will be the bully. The kids saying horrible things to other kids like, "You should just die, you're worthless." Who are these kids? As a mother, I now find myself asking, "Do their mommies not hug them enough? Do their mommies not love them enough?" How do we hug, love, kiss, or whatever we need to do to our children to make them not be the bully. I want my kid to be the one that stands up to the bully for the other guy. How do I raise that kid? Sure, I bet I could find a million books on Amazon about it, but I don't think I need to read about it. If God has given me this special privilege of being a parent, surely I can figure this out on my own. But can I? I can pray for Holt's character and that he is a good person, but he also has to learn this behavior. I do think Kyle and I are great examples of how to be a good person, don't get me wrong. I also think it's a parent's job to thicken their kid's skin a bit. Even though I was called a mouse and told to "go eat cheese", did I really think like I looked like a mouse? No. You know why, my dad told me I would be pretty with a brown paper bag over my head, so I believed him. Is that statement what got me through those types of comments, no, but I was at least confident in who I was.

Another story in the news is that about a young man who opened fire and killed his entire family. Once upon a time, that man was a baby in his mother's arms. He probably made her laugh at nothing because that is the type of joy children bring to their mother's. She probably chased him around the house and made him laugh too. She gave him life and he shot her. His own mother. Why did he turn out that way? Again, did she not hug him enough? Did she not love him enough? Why did he do that?

As much as we think just loving our kids will be enough, it's not. There is so much more to it than that and I don't even know what it is yet. The reason for this post is because I was brought to tears watching Ellen today. She always ends her show with "Be kind to one another." It's simple, and powerful. Maybe every parent should say that to their kids everyday before school as a reminder also. I'm convinced as long as there are kids, there will be bullying. It's not going to stop. However, lets raise happy, well rounded, Jesus Loving, God Fearing children. That should at least be a step in the right direction.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Little Bieber

I think it's safe to say I have a future boybander on my hands. I always did love boy bands. He just can't get enough of the Biebs and his song Baby. As I type this, he just started the song in the living room. What a proud Mama I am.