Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Jett Paul Update

Just an update on what is going on with baby boy #2. I had my doctor's appt yesterday. Just a normal routine visit, minus the bloodwork I didn't know was "routine" at this visit. I was shocked at my last appointment to see I had only gained 5lbs total and even more shocked to see I had gained 6 pounds this past month alone at this appointment. Well my sweet tooth has kicked in, what did I expect? His heart rate was 153 and the doctor measured me for the first time. She said, "Just what we want." I said, "What am I measuring?" She said, "On the big side." Oh fantastic! People are telling me, "You are so cute and pregnant! When are you due?" I tell them I'm 23 weeks and I have 4 months left and they then say, "Ohhhhh...." Like they were expecting me to say I was due in 2 months or something. Only time will tell how big this baby boy gets but I sure am loving feeling him moving around in there. Kyle has felt him a few times, he doesn't seem to hold back when Kyle goes to feel him like Holt did. I'm starting to feel more strong pokes that I know are a body part of some kind, hand or a foot. Sometimes I think he does a full out forward roll in there my belly moves so much, other times it's just the subtle and sweet taps and kicks. This is by far my favorite part of pregnancy. How I can feel him in there and carry on a conversation like nothing, but I know that I am experiencing this sweet miracle from God. We have not done much in the nursery yet, but we do have the furniture. It's the same as Holt's. Someday if they want to share a room, they already have their matching beds. We will see. The theme in Jett's room is Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. All of the things a little boy loves. Kyle is a tad worried that Holt will be jealous of Jett's room, so he wants to add more of Holt's favorites to his current room. Holt loves anything plane, train, or automobile right now, so maybe if his room has some of those too, he will be happy about that. Paint colors are still up in the air but we will have a baby blue accent wall and the rest will be a neutral color. Other colors will be navy, red, and yellow. I know my mom with her decorating skills will pull this all together wonderfully! The next appointment is my glucose test. They sent the drink home with me to drink prior to my appointment so I don't have to just hang out in the waiting room for an hour. I thought that was great! I hope I pass this one like I did with Holt also. I can't imagine being on a strict diet while pregnant!