Saturday, June 23, 2012

Jett and the Third Trimester

This week I had my glucose test at the doctor. People talk so much smack about this drink, but it's really not bad at all. It tastes like an orange Fanta that has lost it's carbonation. I've heard horror stories about people puking while trying to get it down or throwing up shortly after. Why, I don't know, it's not that bad people. The chocolate milk I get at the donut shop has more sugar than this drink. Anyways, I had no problem getting it down in the 3-5 minute time frame. Even better, I got to drink it at home before my appt so I didn't have to wait in the waiting room for an hour. My one hour time frame was up before the doctor came in so the nurse did my test. It was just a finger prick like a normal diabetes test would be because I had blood work done at my last appt. I must admit this was more nervewracking than waiting a few days because it was INSTANT. She said, "This number needs to be under 135." Well low and behold it was 133! I said, "Whew, barely!" She said, "A pass is a pass, it doesn't matter!" Thank goodness because I don't know what I would do without carbs and sugar while pregnant. More facts from the doctor, I am anemic, again. So I have to take a prescription iron pill. They told me not to bother filling the prescription because they will just always give me samples. I just love this doctor's office. I only gained 2lbs last month, and I say that with a big smile because I most certainly ate ice cream nearly every single night. That brings my total weight gain to 14lbs with this lil guy. I am at about the same weight at this point as I was with Holt, but have gained less. I still had about 7lbs to lose from Holt's pregnancy before getting pregnant with this one. Maybe I will end up gaining less overall with Jett. There is just no telling because the last trimester really packs it on me whether I am trying or not. Jett's heart rate was 152, nice and strong. The dr also measured me and made a sad face while saying, "Bless your heart, tiny you having big ole babies." So that's awesome. Any guesses onto Jett's birth stats? My mom is convinced he is going to be a 9pounder. I don't think he will be that big based on the sole reason that I am having a C section nearly a week before his due date. I do however expect him to be bigger than Holt was. He just feels bigger. I don't remember Holt's movements jarring me so much as Jett is at just 27 weeks. He will literally make such a big movement that my whole body moves and yesterday he kicked a magazine out of my hands while I was reading it. I am just now finding out that Kyle is completely weirded out to see him moving in my belly. You be the judge, I posted a short video of him moving in my belly from earlier this week. He said he doesn't mind feeling the little movements, but he is totally creeped out when he sees the body parts moving around. Haha! I said, "Why weren't you like that with Holt?" He said, "I was, but you thought it was so cool so I went along with it!" When I tell him to look at my belly, he says firmly, "NO! It's creepy and alien like." Ha! I love it and I know I only have a few short weeks before these movements start to really hurt. That's my update for now! I start going every two weeks now, already, I can't believe it!