Monday, April 29, 2013

Jett is 7 months!

Time is going going going faster and faster! I'm 2 weeks late writing this so he's going to be 8 months before I know it. This little boy has a smile that will light up a room. Something about his ear to ear gummy grin just makes my entire day. This boy LOVES his mommy. I mean he can't get enough of me and my lower back and hip are starting to feel it. He's high maintenance and I love it...most the time. Haha! I'm having to figure out how to maneuver myself around the room so he can't see me because when he does, it's all over. He cries and fusses until I pick him up. He gives me the most pitiful look as I walk by him like, "Hey, you're just going to leave me here? Where are you going? Come back here! WAAAAAAAHHHHH!" The only thing that can calm him down, his big brother. If it's not my attention he wants, it's Holt's. Holt is an incredible big brother who is more than happy to play with Jett and keep him happy. He brings him toys and says things to him that he hears me say, it's the sweetest. He is also quick to tell him "Stop crying Jett! Don't be a fussypants!" When he is trying to watch one of his shows. Haha! Jett started to whip his head around trying to find me if someone else is holding him. He's usually happy with someone else holding him too, until he spots me. He loves grabbing my head and giving me kisses to show me just how much he loves me. He has also learned his name in the past few weeks. Pretty much after 6pm, if he's not on my hip, he's not having it. It's the only way to keep him happy until bed it seems like. Another thing Jett Paul I really think he would eat all day long if I let him. He's like a baby bird. As soon as the spoon leaves his mouth, he pops it open again for more. When he is finished, I do the sign for "all done" and he immediately cries. Haha! He has yet to meet a food that he does not like. Please please please be a better eaten than your older brother my sweet Jett!

  • Bentley is also quite the comedian to him
  • His jumper
  • Bath time with his brother
  • Holt making him laugh in the car (thank you Holt)
  • Cuddle time with Daddy
  • Food...all of it
  • Getting naked for the bath
  • Sitting to play as opposed to laying down
  • Scoots backwards instead of rolls, he's just over rolling, never was a big fan
  • All toys, must be holding a few at a time
  • Swinging and being outside
  • Watching me leave the room or simply walk further than 2 feet away
  •  Holt scaring him
  • Running out of food
  • Size 3 Diapers
  • 9month clothes
  • Eats rice cereal, a fruit, and a veggie (stage 1) every day
  • Naps at 10am, 1:30pm and 5pm
  • Nursing 4-5 times a day

He's overall pretty happy, just likes to be held a lot. No new major milestones this month, just that he has perfected sitting. Yet he also throws himself backwards still when he is bored with it. Yikes! He has started to babble the bababababa and dadadadada sounds. He also loves making spitting sounds and blowing raspberries. We are starting the weaning process, he is just over it, especially the day time feedings. And frankly, I'm over it too. We've been sharing a body since December 2011! He is still needing an early evening nap most days because his day time naps have been absolutely horrible this past month. It has been like he was a newborn again. His naps have, at the longest, been around 40 minutes. Most of them are averaging 30mins. I've let him cry it out and he just doesn't go back to sleep. On the flip side, he's sleeping from 7:30pm until about 7 or later every morning. I guess I can't complain too much. It was a relief that he finally dropped that 4:30-5am feeding. I'm hoping whatever he is going through this month to cause his naps to be so awful, gets better soon. I'm going nuts! He's my lil slice of joy in every day, even the hard ones! I'm so thankful God gave me this second sweet lil boy. Here are some pics from his 6 month photo shoot! Couldn't you just gobble him up?!?