Friday, June 21, 2013

Jett is 8...uhhh 9 months!

Oh hi everyone. I did not forget that Jett turned 8 months, I just didn't get to blog about it. By the time I had time, I figured what's another few days until he's 9 months. There was not a whole lot of "new" to report really. I've concluded that since my computer is in the office, I don't get to it much. When I have time to myself, I don't come jump on the computer. I just want to do nothing for the 30min-1 hour I might be lucky to get to myself each day. So enough about me, back to my sweet 9 month old baby boy. I can't believe it, 9 months. It's just crazy to me. Jett Paul is the light of my days. He is always happy, happiest on my hip, but very happy. He smiles all the time and absolutely thinks his older brother is the funniest thing on the planet. He is mesmerized sitting back and watching him.

Here are his stats:
20 lbs 4oz (44%)
28.75in (65%)
45.5in head (55%) This shocks me, I could have sworn this kid had a humongous head
Size 4 diapers
12 month clothes (thank goodness I did not buy any 9 month Summer clothes!)
4 bottles/day 6oz 3 times and 8oz at bedtime
2 naps

These past few months Jett has really taken an interest in books. He gets so excited when I pull one out before his naps. He is picky too. I will start reading one and if it is not to his liking he pushes it out of the way and reaches for the next one on my lap. 3 of his faves right now are Fuzzy Yellow Ducklings, Mirror Mirror (A baby Einstein book), and his absolute fave is Brown Bear, Brown Bear. He gets his hands and feet moving in circles and squeals with such delight when this book comes out...or if he picks it out. I love seeing him enjoy books as much as Holt. Holt still loves his books. I was a little afraid I would not have the same amount of time to read to Jett that I did Holt, but I see that won't be a problem now. He's also just recently let me know he would like to read before bedtime. As we sit in his glider he leans over and looks down at his basket with the books, like "Hey Mom, pick one of these up would ya?"

I weaned Jett at 8 months. I was keeping up with it just fine, but just like his brother, he was over it. We made it almost 8 months without a drop of formula. Morning and nighttime were never a problem for us. Daytime feedings were frustrating for both of us. He just did not have the time to sit there for 20 minutes when he could be watching his big brother play! I tried going in another room, turning off the tv, it didn't matter. As long as he could hear anyone else in the room, he was completely distracted. I felt it was more important for him to get proper nutrition and for me to not spend half my day incredibly frustrated that I couldn't get him to nurse. So I was happy to say bye bye breastfeeding. He has done fine with it, the first couple weeks at night he was a little confused even after his bottle, but he didn't lose any sleep over it. He's been sleeping on average 11 hours for quite some time now. There was one rough night, the night before Kyle and I went to New Orleans that he woke up several times. It was the day after I stopped nursing him, but that had nothing to do with it. He just wanted comfort. He didn't even attempt to root around when I went in there, just simply laid his head on my shoulder. That has been the only night we've had a problem. He's a pretty good sleeper at night. His naps are still a little off, but not everyday. A good day for him is an hour in the morning (10-11) and about an hour and half in the afternoon. (2:30-4). That's a good day. Many days it is 30 minutes and I would say on average probably 45 minutes.

Some of the sleep disruptions I think could be the 2 new teeth he had pop up this past month! Much sooner than his brother's first tooth appeared. It has been pretty smooth for him overall. He doesn't seem overly bothered by them coming in, just clingy and cranky, but for the most part he has been fine with it. I can't wait to see them poke up enough to see!

He has also been much more active trying to get around. Holt was a roly poly all over the place from about 6 months on until he could crawl. Jett prefers to just sit and watch. He gets up on all fours and rocks and likes to sit and scoot in circles. He has yet to move from the all fours position into crawling, but I expect it any day now. Holt was also 9 months before he started crawling, so this comes as no surprise to me. One thing about the second baby, you stress much less about milestones and you could also care less to compare with someone else's baby about the same age. In fact, I'm savoring these last few days of him staying where I put him. Before I know, he's going to be into everything! I've been in no rush for him to crawl, haha!

Some more of his faves:
Bathtime with Holt
Watching Bentley
Grabbing Ripping out Mommy's hair
Touching my face as he falls asleep at night
Daddy making him laugh (Jett does this hilarious "old man laugh" as we call it)
Holding his own bottle
Food, especially puffs
Clapping- as soon as he hears someone say "Yay!" or "Clap!" He's happy to show us how.

We are trying more and more table foods. I'm shocked that he mostly just likes to play with them. He picks them up no problem, but has no interest in putting it in his mouth. So much for having this one not be a picky eater! He has yogurt or a stage 2 fruit for breakfast, stage 2 veggie at lunch, and one of those nasty meat with veggie or fruit baby food containers for dinner. I never gave these to Holt because they grossed me out so much, but I think that's where I went wrong with him too. Jett LOVES them. And as I've said before, I plan on making some for him myself so I know more about what is going into them. We will see how far I get on that. I'm not trying to win any Mommy awards here, just keeping them happy and alive is good enough for me.

Jett is a ray of sunshine to everyone that sees him. He is constantly getting compliments on how much he smiles and how happy he is. People are also quick to point out his piercing blue eyes. So blue they are scary sometimes! He's chubby and I love it. I kiss kiss kiss his lil cheeks all day. He wants Mommy to hold him all the time and really no one else. Daddy is ok with this since Holt has just entered his Daddy phase. If Jett sees me, it's all over. He must be picked up or you would think he was being tortured. I get nothing done, but I'm also trying to relish in these moments because before I know it...they will be gone. As my dad calls Jett, Mr. Million Dollar Smile...I couldn't agree more. He's pure awesome, joy, happiness, and love rolled up into my baby boy. I'm blessed.