Friday, August 29, 2014

Yes, Baby #3

"Was it planned?"

"Did you want 3 kids?"

"Was it an accident?"

Yes, it was planned. Yes, we have always wanted 3 kids. No, it was not an accident. This third baby is just as planned out and wanted as the first two. Now don't feel bad if you have asked me these questions, I find it humorous. There's a stigma on society and mothers/fathers that somehow 2 kids is "enough". As if we are crazy to do more than replace ourselves. Now believe me, I have plenty of days where 2 kids is "enough." Even in the hardest part of adjusting to 2 kids, a colicky baby, a lively rambunctious 2 year old, our hearts always desired a third baby. I remember rocking Jett gazillions of times just trying to get through the day, and in the back of mind I always thought, "Yes, I can do this again. I want to do this again." It's okay to want more than 2 children! Just like it's okay to want one child. I'm constantly overwhelmed by the mess, busyness, and noise going on in my home. I know it's not going to get better and I'm okay with that. It's not a good enough reason for me to ignore my heart. I know I have years of carpooling, mounds of homework, endless sports tournaments, thousands in grocery bills, trips to the ER, and I'll have to wait to make my house as nice as I picture, but again...that is not a good enough reason to ignore my heart. Wouldn't I have all of that with one child? That didn't stop me from wanting two children. I'm not saying people should have more than one or two children, I'm saying you should do what is right for your family. Follow your heart. It's scary, so scary to embark on this journey of raising a human being more than once. Don't let your mind win, do what it is in your hearts. We have always pictured our life with 3 kids and God has given us the desires of out hearts.

Now the other question since I have two of the same sex already:
 "Are you hoping for a girl?"

"Did you try for a girl?"

I'm hoping and praying for healthy is what I'm hoping for. We tried to get pregnant, in general, not with a girl. We actually tried for months to conceive this child. Longer than we ever had to before. I was just thrilled to see the positive pregnancy test finally! And then hours, it began. What I believed and I was told most likely was a miscarriage. After months of praying about this child and trying for this child, before I could even adjust to the idea of 3 kids actually happening, it was already being taken from me. I went in for my blood work the next morning as instructed and we left to go to South Padre. You know what's not fun is trying to have a good time with your kids at the beach for the first time while thinking you're having a miscarriage. I had to drive to Brownsville for follow up blood work 2 days later since I could not possibly be back in Katy to see my doctor. Much to my surprise, the nurse called later that day with the results that my levels went from 35 to 100 in 48 hours, so I was indeed pregnant and looked as though I would stay that way! I would stay that way under one condition, I took a progesterone supplement through the first trimester because all the bleeding was most likely from my low progesterone levels. I feel fortunate that we caught this early because the earlier the better when it comes to low progesterone. Many women suffer miscarriage after miscarriage only to find out it was due to low progesterone. As if pregnancy is not worrisome enough! We saw and heard the baby's heartbeat at 6 weeks and 8 weeks, so that was a relief. Then there was more spotting. There was no reason for this they could explain other than possibly the placenta getting into place. With multiple pregnancies, particularly after c-sections, spotting/bleeding can happen. Would it be nice to change things up with a girl, absolutely. Would it be nice to grow my superhero squad and have half a sports team, absolutely. All children are blessings and I am so happy God has trusted me with another one of His. So next time you see a mom with small children and another one in her belly, don't think "Bless her heart, she must not have wanted that one." or "What is she thinking?" and certainly don't tell her "You've got your hands full!". (that's a whole other post!) We know all this, we know what you're thinking, we have thought it too! But we decided to go for it anyways because there is no greater reward in life than the love of a child. No greater blessing than a child from above. So we anxiously await February 2015 to welcome this final addition to our family!