Sunday, March 28, 2010

So long Steak N Shake Diet...

All is going well in the Kummer house. We had a doctor's appointment this past Wednesday and the doctor kept saying everything is "just good, good, and more good!" She went ahead and did another sonogram, which was not scheduled, to check for cleft palate. He didn't cooperate at our last appointment. Everything is great! He currently weighs 1.6lbs and when I tell people that they go "Ohhh, that's a big boy!" How is that possible, have you seen me!? Luckily it looks like he's taking after his very tall Daddy. Whew. I've gained 13lbs without even trying, other than that month of the doctor ordered high fat Steak N Shake diet. I'm only supposed to gain another 12 lbs and still have 4 months to go. Kyle and the doctor saw the concern on my face about my rapidly increasing weight , so they doctor said "You married someone that is 6'3", what do you expect!" She said I am right where I need to be, but should only gain .5lb to 1lb a week from here on out. No more 6 and 7 lb weight gains between visits. That all sounds great except that I've pretty much been eating as healthy as I was before I was pregnant. So the fact that the weight is just coming on like this, definitely worries me about the size of this kiddo! I definitely take it as a compliment when people say "You're all belly!" Thank goodness because I don't want to be All Face, All Arms, and All Legs...not yet anyways. I took a huge step today and bought a bathing suit! Don't worry, it's not my usual bikini. All in all, I'm still feeling great and cannot believe how wonderful God is to bless me with this pregnancy and also spare me of the bad symptoms!

Kyle has been hard at work on the nursery this weekend. To some, this might sound like it's a bit early. When we looked at our calendar, we literally have about 3 weekends available between now and the middle of June. These last 3 and a half months are going to just fly by. As I mentioned before, the nursery planning has been left up to Kyle and my mom. No joke, they've really planned most of it together. We're sticking with our vintage sports theme, with an emphasis on TCU football. As of now, Kyle is putting the last coat of paint on for the workers to come install the chair rail tomorrow evening. He's been so great to get all of this done by himself.

On another note while we're talking about my wonderful hubby, he passed the test to obtain his Real Estate Broker's license this past week. He's an official broker licensed in the state of Texas! This is just a stepping stone to the company he one day hopes to run. He and his dad are hard at work on building their new real estate company. For now he has his day job, but we're saying lots of prayers this company will be up and running within the year. I am so proud of him and his recent accomplishments. I'm one lucky girl.

We're looking forward to a quick work week and spending time with family this weekend for Easter. My mom and Russell, Ashley and Mason, and Trent will be joining us this weekend. We always have a great time and I am so happy this has become a tradition we can host at our house. My cousin Kelly and his wife, Dabney, also expecting, will join us for Easter dinner. And we absolutely cannot forget my animated Grandma, Mama Laurie, who I am sure will amuse us with some more stories from her past as she did last year. I love my family and we're looking forward to spending time with them!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Better late than never...

So I've been meaning to do this for awhile now, I just never found the time. I'm not sure what I'm doing all the time but I never seem to have any. I'd like to use this blog to update our friends and family on what's going on in this Kummer household, for those of you that care anyway.

Well as you know Kyle and I are expecting our first baby July 24th. Holt Cannon Kummer will join the Kummer bunch this summer and we could not be more excited. I am 21 weeks along now. Even though Kyle said he would be happy no matter what it was, there was a huge smile and sigh of relief when the technician said "It's a BOY!" Not that she had to tell us, Holt was pretty happy to show us! Many of you ask how we came up with the name. We don't have a long drawn out story about how we fell in love with the name Holt. We just liked it. I heard it on a now cancelled TV show a couple of years ago and Mr. Picky, Kyle, loved it too. We just kept our fingers crossed that it wouldn't get picked by anyone else before we were ready! It actually did get picked by a close friend of mine, but she found out she was having a little girl. Cannon is a name we liked for a 2nd boy as it pays homage to Kyle's quarterbacking skills. Whose to say we will have another boy, so we went ahead and used them both. BAM, we have Holt Cannon.

Ever since we found out what we were having, time seems to be flying by! We have just a little over 4 months to go. I've kinda taken a back seat to the nursery planning since we chose a theme. I seriously think Kyle talks more to my mom about it than me, which I'm fine with. We're going with a Vintage Sports Theme, with our favorite team on display, the TCU Horned Frog Football team. Kyle found these really neat calendars that have old program covers from the 30s, 40s, and 50s. They are perfect for a little boys room since they were cartoons back then. We plan on using the program covers as a type of border around the room, as well as putting Kyle's TCU letter jacket in a shadowbox, along with his Bowl Game rings and watches. Kyle is so excited about the theme, I think that's why he's so eager to get it all going. He was ready to buy the furniture the second we picked it out. We waited a couple of weeks then we found out the store only had one left with no guarantees when they would have more. So needless to say, the crib is already set up in the corner of the nursery waiting for my mom to come help us figure out what to do with the rest of the room. Holt already has about 15 outfits hanging in the closet thanks to our wonderful and eager friends and family members!

Overall I've been feeling wonderful. I was lucky enough to avoid any type of sickness my first trimester. I only experienced evening sickness where I couldn't seem to get any food down after a certain time. Even my favorite foods like Taco Cabana tortillas and queso was a struggle to eat. It only last about 5-6 weeks and I was just fine after that. Many people ask about my cravings, well I don't have any really. I always seem to want something sweet or a type of fruit, but that's about it. I developed a slight craving for Fruity Pebbles early on, but decided I should switch to a more healthy diet to get my day started, but man it was awesome. At about 13 weeks I had not gained a single pound, actually lost weight somehow, and the dr put me on the "Steak and Shake" Diet. She instructed me to eat as much ice cream, cheese, and cheeseburgers I could handle in order to gain 5-10 lbs before my next appt. She called it a high fat, good nutrition diet. This was very difficult for me because I've been such a healthy eater my entire life. Whatever I did, worked because I gained a 7lbs at my 18 week appt. The nurses were cheering for me because it's a great thing when a 98pounder puts on 7 pounds when pregnant. (I was 98lbs when I got pregnant.) Kyle said, "I've never seen women get so excited to see someone gain weight." So not only do I have the dr telling me how to eat and how much to gain, my sweet husband also instructs me what I need more of to keep us healthy. "Babe, you haven't had enough protein today, I'm making you a shake." So he does. "You didn't get enough calories today, you're eating ice cream tonight." And he brings me some ice cream. It's very sweet and I'm so lucky that he is watching out for mine and the baby's health too. I was told to gain 25 lbs this pregnancy and I am right around 10 right now. I think that's a good pace for weight gain, I hope...

Sorry this is so long, but now that we're caught up, they shouldn't be so long!