Saturday, September 25, 2010

I Didn't Know...

These are some things I didn't know about myself, motherhood, and life in general before Holt came into our lives.

I didn't know:
-I was a speed eater. Thinking about signing up for the Hot Dog Eating contest on the 4th next year because I can eat so fast now.
-That going to dinner at a reasonable time meant eating with the Senior Citizen crowd
-That going to the mall during the week meant the Mall Walkers would be out in full force(see above for age group reference)
-I would complain about the weather and heat so much
-I would need a chiropractor from all the leaning over and lifting
-Most my conversations would start with "I saw on Oprah..."
-I was still so immature because I laugh when Holt rips one or grunts when he's having a BM
-That changing so many diapers really wouldn't bother me at all
-I would be so THIRSTY and so HUNGRY while breastfeeding
-I would cry at every birth I see on TV from here on out or cry at stories that involve children, or cry at baby lotion commercials, or cry at...pretty much everything.
-I could be so enraged at bad drivers and desperately want to roll down my window and yell "I HAVE A BABY IN THIS CAR YOU A#%$&*^!!!" Seriously contemplating getting a BABY ON BOARD thing for my window.
-That letting him sleep on me would make me so happy, nothing compares
-Differentiating myself as a mother and a wife would be so difficult
-I would see my husband in a whole new light. Watching him smile at Holt is sometimes better than watching Holt smile at him.
-I would want to video record everything he does so I don't forget a second
-I would be so bad at getting those videos and pictures so I don't forget a second
-Getting his baby book together would take me so long, still haven't started.
-I could already be thinking about a second baby so soon (not happening, I've just changed my mind about how far apart I want them)
-That my dog would really be moved to the back burner.
-That my husband would really be moved to the back burner.
-My clothes seriously wouldn't fit after 2 months, still!!!
-Having a kid brings out the kid in you (Love me some Disney Tunes!)

I'm sure there is more, so I'll probably add to my list as more time goes by!

2 Months!

Holt is 2 months old! We kicked off his 2 month birthday with a trip to the pediatrician for his first round of shots. I thought for sure I was going to cry at the sight of so much pain being inflicted on my baby, but I pulled it together. He did pretty well too. He is 10lbs 14oz, in the 25th%, and 24inches, in the 75th%. He's tall and skinny! The pediatrician says she can't find a thing wrong with him, I agree!

He has been such a joy. Yes we were tired the first couple of weeks, but once he got this sleeping thing down, he's been great! We got very lucky with such an easy baby.

-Bath time! Kyle enjoys giving him his baths so they can have some guy time
-Listening to music, he kicks and squeals with such excitement like it's the best thing EVER
-Having conversations, we talk back and forth. He tells me all about his day.
-Learning TCU chants
-Waking up in the mornings, wakes up with a big smile on his face ready to face the day
-Watching TV, especially football
-Watching the ceiling fans and lights
-Sleeping in his swing (Thank you Meme!)
-Sleeping on Mommy
-Running errands, or just being out and about

-Nap time during the day (but it's because he sleeps so well at night, he can take cat naps during the day in return for 6 hours at night!)
-Being alone (like if I leave for a second to go to the restroom)
-Changing his diaper (especially the first one of the day)
-Getting strapped in his carrier
-Startling himself at naptime

Typical schedule:
5am- Wakes up for a feeding, goes back to sleep
8am-Wakes up for a feeding, wants to go back to sleep but instead I get ready, then get him ready. We read a book and say his morning prayer. I have my breakfast while he swings, and usually falls asleep. I take advantage of this time and do a Brazil Butt Lift Workout
11am-He eats and we play with rattles or run an errand. I try to get out at least once a day. If not, he sits in his Boppy and watches me fold clothes or we "talk". He fights this next nap the hardest, and I'm lucky if he'll sleep for 30 minutes. Just in time for me to eat some lunch and waste time on Facebook.
2pm-Another feeding. Then we go to his nursery and listen to music on my iPhone with the Pandora app. He loves Toddler Radio and I especially love when they play Disney music. I sing out loud, although I'm probably damaging his hearing, and he watches me and smiles. Bentley joins us on the blanket and is finally warming up to his new little buddy. He likes to lay right next to him and even allows Holt to kick him. Holt usually falls asleep in my arms while I'm doing stuff around the house so I let him sleep on me until his next feeding. Usually only about 30 minutes again.
5pm- Another feeding. We briefly play with something. I try to always talk to him about what we're doing, describe the colors and let him feel different textures. Like, "This is your orange rattle. Do you like the sound it makes? This is how you shake your rattle. Feel it?" I like to think this is making him a genius. He swings while I figure out dinner and wait for Daddy to get home and rescue us. He plays with Daddy when he gets home and rarely falls asleep again at this time.
8pm-Feed him. He gets a bath or just gets ready for bed and we put him to bed at 9pm after we says his prayers and listen to Jesus Loves Me. This has been working well for us. It took us awhile to figure out his "bedtime". Since he's becoming more regular in his schedule, this has worked out great. Finally, Kyle and I enjoy some time together in the living room.
11pm- I feed him one last time before I go to bed. He goes right back to sleep and we hope for another great night!

This next week is my last on maternity leave. I cry daily almost thinking about it. I return to work on October 4th and Holt will go to daycare. The daycare is about a minute from my office and I can go whenever I want to visit him! My bosses are being very kind and allowing me to work from home on Mondays and Fridays starting in November. So 3 days in the office and 4 day weekends. I will still be working on Mondays and Fridays, but it will be such a relief to not have to commute those days and spend more time with Holt. AND we only have to pay part time daycare tuition! So in other words, I hope October flies by since I'll be working full time that month. It's going to be tough because Holt and I are becoming great buddies. I'm sure he'll be fine and I'll be the sad one.