Wednesday, December 22, 2010

5 Months!

Oh my gosh, he's five months already. It's getting to that point where I want things to slow down. I was ok getting through the rough first few weeks and getting to where he would sleep through the night, now it is just going by too fast! He is the size I always pictured myself holding perfectly on my hip. He's the perfect sized baby right now. He is strong and sturdy but not old enough to start getting into everything. Stay this way! So many milestones are just around the corner for him. It's that time again when I do his laundry I have a "cannot wear anymore" pile. Feels like I just did this! He's the most perfect little baby I could have ever hoped for. He is light of his daddy's life and he's mommy's best friend. I honestly talk to him like he knows exactly what I'm saying and we're BFFs.

-Sucking his left foot
-Smiling and laughing
-Bentley (loves to follow him around the room and he tries to reach out to him, Bentley is not so much a fan)
-Games with daddy
-Listening to mommy sing to him (poor guy!)
-Rattles and sassy links
-His frog stuffed animal

-The bumbo for too long
-Starting to notice when I leave the room
-Laying on his tummy too long
-Nose aspirator (I would hate it too)
-Pulling shirts over his head (he's ok if you make sure his eyes are NEVER covered)
-The carseat when he is awake and not sleepy at all

Holt Fun facts:
-Size 2 diapers
-About 16 lbs
-Size 6 month clothes, some 9 month
-Working on rolling from tummy to back
-Trying to sit by himself, kinda doing the tripod but loses balance after about 5 seconds
-Grabs anything you put in front of him and immediately puts it in his mouth
-Fascinated by his hand and fingers
-Still on breastmilk only
-Taking his first plane ride to the Rose Bowl next week!
-Follows us around the room with his eyes and by moving his head
-Starting to recognize his name a little
-Knows our voices and immediately turns toward the sound to find us
-Sleeps from 8-6:30 or 7:30 (depends on if I'm working from home or going to the office)
-A very happy happy baby!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Santa!!!! I know him!

Yesterday Kyle and I took Holt to see Santa for the first time. When I saw the line, I got a little nervous knowing Holt was going to be ready to eat in about 30 minutes or so. Luckily he doesn't have meltdowns when he's hungry like he did as a newborn. He can usually wait awhile longer. I was pleasantly surprised that he was happy as could be in his stroller or in Daddy's arms while we waited for about 45 minutes! That gave Kyle and I plenty of time to discuss which ridiculously overpriced packaged we would choose. The cheapest was $20 all the way up to $45. My first thought when I saw the $45 package was , "That is ridiculous, who would spend that on a silly Santa picture? All you need is one!" I actually needed at least 2, one wallet (for an ornament on the tree) and one 4x6 (for a special 2010 frame). They only had 5x7s, 3x5s, and wallets. Oh but for $7 more you could add a disc to your order and print all the Santa pictures you wanted! $40 later we walked out of there with 2 5x7s, wallets, 2 3x5s (I mean what size is this anyways, who has a 3x5 frame? RIP OFF), and the disc! Luckily it was a good picture because they choose the "best" in their opinion. I think it was perfect! Check him out below.

I immediately put these pictures in my frames and almost got teary eyed in doing so. Why you ask? Because this time next year I will have a 16 month old that will be walking and getting into all sorts of trouble with the ornaments on the tree. I just know that when I pull out my special 2010 Christmas frame with Holt's first Santa picture in it, I will cry. I will be all nostalgic and sad about how quickly time has gone by. He won't be my itty bitty baby anymore. But enough of that, for this year I get to enjoy my itty bitty baby!