Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Can I Just Say...

Ok, I've decided to start my own column. For all 23 of you that read this. I don't want to bombard facebook with my views and opinions so I decided to blog about it. Sometimes the news makes me angry, ok all the time the news makes me angry. It's not because it's the news, it's because of the people that live in this world. This is a great country we live in and some people are just really irritating me. So Can I Just Say is how I feel about what is going on in the media at any given time. Here goes:

Can I just say, that lady who gave birth to a 14 pound baby naturally is crazy. Yeah she is crazy for not getting the drugs, but she is more crazy for not taking care of herself during pregnancy. Lets be real, she most likely had gestational diabetes and either went to some hokey pokey midwife that didn't take the time to diagnose it or she ignored her diagnosis all together. She had a 14 lb baby because she was careless. It is making me crazy to see her on the news with this baby that is just plain lucky to be here. That is a very serious condition and I'm irate that she was so ignorant during pregnancy. Do I have any proof whatsoever that she had gestational diabetes, absolutely not. That is just merely my observation. Normal pregnancies don't produce 14lb children.

Can I just say, who cares if Paula Deen has type 2 diabetes? She is acknowledging the disease and taking care of herself. She has said that, all we have is her word. And I believe her. What I can't believe is all this backlash about how these TV chefs don't cook healthy enough. I'm sorry, are they coming to your house shoving butter and sugar down your throats on a daily basis? No, you are doing that yourselves. Just because they cook something that isn't the picture perfect recipe for your diet, doesn't mean you have to make it too. I enjoy these shows and 80% of them time I am healthy. Sometimes I want to be unhealthy. Just because it's there, doesn't mean you have to make it. Not to mention, any healthy person will know the proper substitutions for an unhealthy meal. So if Paula Deen jumped off a bridge, would you? No? Ok, then why the criticism if Paula Deen cooks with butter? Don't cook that recipe!

Can I just say, I have no idea what is going on in the political world? Mitt, Newt, what? We might elect a president with one of those names? A baseball glove and a type of amphibian? I'm just not even sure I will vote at all. I have no idea what is going on, irresponsible of me as an American Citizen perhaps, but with all the contradictions and bashing of one another, I really can't stand it. I haven't watched a single debate and I only know there is a primary in Florida today because I saw it on the 11am news...which I quickly turned off because news makes me angry. Everyone wants to criticize and no one has any answers. This makes me angry.

That is all for this first installment of Can I Just Say...there will be plenty more to follow you can count on that.

Holt is 18 months!

Oh hi, remember me? Yeah, I haven't blogged in quite sometime. Since we moved over Christmas, anything Christmas worthy was kept only in my memories. No sense in going back now, but if you must know, Christmas was fabulous. So my "baby" is now 18 months old. I've reached the age where I wonder how I will tell people his age when asked after this month is over. When the time comes will I say "A year and a half." "He'll be two in July" or the ever annoying "He's 21 months." That doesn't mean much to most people. Guess I'll just have to see what comes out of my mouth when the time comes. Holt is an expert mimic and wants to do everything by himself. The time has come when cuss words must be replaced with other words like "shucky darns" and "phooey". He mimics me when I put on lip gloss, smacks his lips, or when I call Bentley. He has picked up on his name and very cutely says, "Ben-beeee!" while looking up at the ceiling, I have no clue why. I still have a tall skinny boy on my hands. Here are his stats:

-22 lbs 12oz (12%)
-32in (72%)
-Size 4 diapers
-5.5 shoe
-18 month clothes, starting to work our way into 24month and 2T (his waist is just so tiny!)

Since his 15 month post, he has become very independent and is into exploring everything. Here is the list I kept on my iPhone, you don't really think I just remember this stuff over the past 3 months do you?

-Can differentiate hot and cold. Touches a light "Haahh." Walk into the freezer dept at the store "brrrr"
-He is learning to "sing". I ask him to sing me a song and who knows what will come out of his mouth. My fav is when he attempts the ABCs "AAAHHH EEEE CCCCC" Only I know that is what he is singing.
-Slight obsession with his bellybutton and other people's bellybuttons. Don't be surprised if he comes up to you and lifts up your shirt...we must work on his manners :)
-Likes dipping his food in ketchup or anything he feels is dip worthy (Totally gets this from Kyle)
-Pretty much an expert at using his eating utensils, almost eats better with them than with his hands now
-We will say "Mommy and Daddy love each other" and then we kiss. He gets so tickled and gives us each a big smacker on the lips too.
-M&Ms are like a drug to him. You should see his face when they are mentioned. I ask him "What do you want now?" His answer is always Mem-a-mem...even at breakfast.
-One time he said a sentence, one time, "Bye bye dada"
-He knows all his body parts, even THAT one. Calls it his "Woo woo" I say wee wee, he says woo woo. Holt found Bentley's woo woo too, poor Bentley.
-Starting to take a big interest in letters. He can recognize a few, H is his fav. Almost everything is Aaach. He points at letters everywhere wanting me to tell him what they are.
-He absolutely LOVES feeding Bentley. Even if it's piece by piece of his tiny dog food. This takes a good 10 minutes at dinner time so I can finish making his dinner or putting the finishing touches on ours.
-Holt probably says close to 20 words, hard to keep count because they aren't all used everyday. Some of them are: bubble, no no no no, baby, Santa (tanta), yuck, cheese, fish, bye bye, ball, Ash, Meme, George (juj), ice, uh-oh (more like aaaaoooooohhh), cookie (just the C sound), and vroom vroom anytime he sees a car. He tries really hard to say almost everything I ask him too though.
-He would spend all day everyday outside if I let him, he is absolutely in love with being outside.
-Has almost perfected an unassisted forward roll, he has done it several times alone just needs a slight push

That is my little guy the past three months. This is a very busy age. We have an absolute blast together. We are always laughing. And it is safe to say I am absolutely pooped by the time Kyle gets home. It's nonstop. He has a very funny personality and has no problem laughing in my face when he gets in trouble. I wish I could bottle all of his facial expressions so I could always remember his sweetness... and his orneriness.