Monday, March 18, 2013

Jett Paul's Baptism

Jett was baptized by the Lutheran church on February 17th. We celebrated at my in laws in San Antonio with a light lunch and cake with friends and family. We are overjoyed that his Godparents, Clayton and Jenny Benedict, are going to be part of his life forever. Clayton and Kyle have been lifelong friends (since elementary) and it's such an honor to have this wonderful couple as Jett's Godparents. Choosing them was a no-brainer. I suggested it to Kyle shortly after Jett was born. I ran it by both sets of parents and even our siblings to make sure it was ok first. Everyone agreed Clayton and Jenny would be a phenomenal choice! My sister said, "I'm already an Aunt, I don't need another title!" Touche, touche. We enjoy sending them pictures of Jett in his day to day life and love that we even live in the same city. Well if Katy and The Woodlands can be considered the same city. In other words, we are not that far apart should we want to get together. Thank you to Paula (my mother in law) for her wonderful hospitality in getting the lunch ready for us following the Baptism and all the other wonderful things you do for us to make special occasions like this so memorable!

Family pic with Pastor Jason and The Benedicts, Jett's Godparents

My wonderful In Laws and Jett's Papa and Lala

Jett and his Meme

Us with GG, Jett's Great Grandma

Clayton and Jenny with their Godson

Jett is (5) 6 months old!

I didn't forget about his 5 month blog, I just didn't get around to it. Plus not a whole lot changed from 4-5 months except for him starting to roll over. On February 4th he decided to become a full time roller over, both ways! For days he was doing this, mostly rolling from back to tummy. And then...he stopped. Ha! He decided now that he had mastered the skill there was no need for it anymore. After taking a two week hiatus, with an occasional roll here and there he decided to pick it up again a couple weeks ago and now he hasn't stopped since. He's starting to work on sitting up, although I am not comfortable with it unless I am directly behind him. His belly pulls him forward and he can really throw himself backwards when he is doing something he would rather not be doing. It's just a matter of time before he figures it out. It will be a whole new world for him and his brother when he can start to sit up alone. Holt just loves to play with him no matter what, so each little milestone will make it easier and easier for them to play together. Due to the passing of my Great Aunt Marolyn last week, I did not get to take him for his checkup. Kyle did! Finally Daddy gets to see how awful those shots are for a parent to witness. His stats are:

18lbs 5oz (70%)
27" (72%)
Head 17.5" Normally I could care less about this stat, but I feel like this kid has a huge head so I was actually surprised to see it was only in the 70%.
6-9 month clothes (I really have to squeeze him in the 6 months)
Size 3 diapers

He was exclusively breastfed until we started solids, and by solids I mean rice cereal, on Feb 24th. He wasn't too sure at first, but now we can't feed him fast enough. Sometimes he grabs the spoon and shoves it in his mouth himself if we let it linger too long. We started veggies last week after being on cereal twice a day for 2 weeks. We started with squash, he loved it, then green beans, he loved it, now we're on sweet potatoes, loves them. He has cereal in the AM and cereal and a veggie at dinnertime. We will start fruit, probably bananas, sometime this week. I am just hoping he turns out to be a better eater than his brother. So far so good! We're in a transitional time for his schedule. Just when you figure it out, it changes again. He is getting better about going 12 hours stretches, but they are not guaranteed by any means. For the most part, here is what it is like day to day:

5-6:00am Morning Feeding, back to bed. He's not ready to be up for the day before 7:30 or 8 I have learned when I keep him up if he wakes up between 6-7. And neither am I since Holt sleeps until 8...
8:30- Morning Feeding and cereal
10am-Morning Nap, typically 1hr 15min, occasionally longer or shorter, that's average
1:30 or 2-Afternoon nap, typically 1hr 15min. Finally coincides with Holt's nap!
3:00 or 3:30-Feeding
5pm-Evening cat nap, 30min
Sometimes he nurses in here, but I've been cutting it out lately and he doesn't seem to mind
6:30- Cereal for dinner
7:30- Bedtime and he is ready for bed!

I've reached my 6 month goal of breastfeeding and I plan on continuing until that first tooth appears, no signs yet, or he is just impossible to nurse which is what happened with Holt around 8 or 9 months. I have no intentions of going an entire year, I'm good when he wants to stop. He bites me with his gums now and that is unbearable, I can't imagine what an actual tooth would be like! I pump before I go to bed, therefore I have half a freezer full of milk. I am reminded of why I do this, as big of a pain as it is, when things come up like they did last week. I had to abruptly leave town for 2.5 days to attend the funeral for my Great Aunt. Even in my absence, he continued to get breast milk. I pumped 4 times a day while I was gone to maintain my supply and replenish what was being used while I was gone, although I have more than enough. Kyle and I have a few more trips coming up so I will continue the pumping at night so that he is sure to have enough milk when I am gone.

Jett currently loves:
-His brother
-His fingers, feet, and toes
-Funny sounds
-Cuddling with Kyle (more so than with Mommy)
-Grabbing anything in front of him
-Being held (spoiled a bit)

He does not dislike much at all, can't even thing of one thing really. He's even better in the car because he just stares at Holt the entire time. One positive of having a sibling next to you!

He is my chubby wubby squishy wishy love muffin and I love everything about him! He is just so happy at this age. Absolutely anything will him smile or laugh and it's just such a joy.