Thursday, August 29, 2013

Jett is 11 months!

My oh my, where has this time gone? I can't believe he's so close to turning 1! I think about this time last year and how miserable I was getting and how excited I was to meet this baby, this big baby. Jett is learning more and more by the day. He's on the move cruising around trying to get big brother's toys. I don't even know what he likes because he's completely disinterested in baby toys. Nothing is as exciting as the Superheroes with buttons and lights! He does like his play and learn table still. He's climbing on more and more things, specifically places that give me heart attacks like the fireplace and step stools. There has not been a lot of changes other than just being more mobile. He really tries to say Mama, especially when he's bored or mad, but it comes out NeNe, haha! He can say Mama, but has not put the two together as far as identifying me. He's starting to learn words when I ask him where something is, mostly just family members but we are working on things like ball and book too. I keep waiting for him to start waving, which I know Holt was doing by now, but I also blame myself a lot for things like this. I had all my time to spend with Holt and teaching him words, sounds, objects, you name it. Poor Jett doesn't get the same undivided attention, but that comes with the territory of having more than one child. Any spare time I have with just me and Jett, I try to play or "teach" him, but once Holt is around, he just wants to be doing what he is doing.

He is still a major Mama's boy. He wants nothing to do with other people, mostly if I am around. Kyle always says, "He was fine until you walked in!" Haha! As soon as he sees me, it's like whoever just had him was torturing him tremendously. He's happiest on my hip or crawling at my feet.

We have introduced a lot a new food, not all of them I will remember, but I pretty much give him anything we are eating just to try. He has tried ravioli with tomato sauce, plums, peaches, pears, apples, meatballs, chicken nuggets, pasta, tortilla, waffles, pancakes, grilled cheese, PBJ, etc. Kyle gave him some PBJ one night without even remembering that babies are not supposed to consume it until after they are one, so luckily we found out he does not have a peanut allergy. Now he likes it just fine! Jett does pretty well with finger foods, but still eats baby food too. This is pretty odd for a baby of his age, but I'm ok with it because I know what he is getting. I can't say that he eats anything and everything I put in front of him, but he will almost always try it. He mostly just plays with it, but from the looks of him, he's not starving. He takes 4 6oz bottles a day and we have started to wean him from the bottle. This is not coming as easy as it did with Holt. I may just have to go cold turkey from the bottle because I do not want him on one after he is 1. We will also introduce some whole milk here and there over the next month until he is 1 so it is less of a shock to his system.

He takes 2 naps a day, one at 10:30 and one at 3. He does better sleeping later in the day because he gets really tired for bed around 7 or so. He is started to be able to take or leave his morning nap, so I am sure that will be dropped around 14 months or so, much like Holt did. I still prefer him to get his morning nap, but some times he just sits in there and plays for an hour and then I don't see the point! I would rather be out and about getting stuff done or going to the gym. His morning naps are short 30 minutes, sometimes a little longer and his afternoon naps are usually almost 2 hours. It's nice to know he is settled into a more regular sleep pattern since that was a big struggle for us early on. He sleeps from about 8-7:30. Sometimes more, sometimes less, but he's good for about 11 hours straight at night.

Some other facts:
12 month clothes, really need to find those 18 month hand me downs!
Size 4 diaper
Finger foods at every meal
Not a sippy cup perfectionist, but will at least drink from it now

He's my Mr. Million Dollar Smile! He has the BEST smile. I can't wait to see all the learning and growing in store these next few months for him!

Smash Cake Practice

Typical sight around here with boys, Night Stand-1 Jett-0

Thursday, August 8, 2013

My 3 Year Old Superhero

To my sweet Holt,
You are 3 now. I still remember everything about the days leading up to your birth and the day of your birth like it was yesterday. I can't believe you're 3, it's major big boy stuff now. This has been a big year of changes for you. Soon after you turned 2, you welcomed your little brother Jett into your world. You have quickly become Big Brother of the Year! From the early days of completely ignoring him and wanting nothing to do with him to being very concerned about him if he is crying or sleeping. You always want to help with him and I catch you giving him hugs and kisses. I couldn't ask for a better big brother for him. You always ask me, "Is Jett coming?" when we are getting ready to leave the house. You make him laugh when he is sad and you are always helping him choose "baby friendly" toys. You say, "Oh Jett is too little to play with this, I go get him one of his toys." I am so lucky to witness your growing bond and friendship on a daily basis.

You also were potty trained in March! This was something I was truly dreading, but like most things, you made it easier than I could have ever imagined. We decided over Easter weekend in March that you would not be wearing diapers anymore. Daddy took you to the store to buy your own little potty when we discovered the big one was more challenging. You had an accident right there in the aisle at HEB! OOPS. Daddy sat with you and read books and watched YouTube videos with you while you got the hang of it. The next day we went to Church in the evening for Easter and you asked Mommy to take you to go "wee wee". I was so proud of you! On Easter Sunday, Daddy took you to an Astros game in a pull-up just in case. 3 times you asked him to take you to the bathroom to do your business, both kinds. There was no turning back from that point! You have had a small accident here and there (mostly in the first week) but I considered you fully potty trained within a week! For something I was dreading so much, I can't imagine you being in diapers anymore! You still sleep in a pull-up at night, but 9 times of of 10 you are still dry in the morning.

You also went from a toddler bed to a big boy bed! Another change I was dreading, but you did great. We put pillows on the side just in case you fall out. You hardly ever get out of your bed unless we come and get you, same after your nap. You really like your bed too and you share it with all of your monkeys. You sleep with at least 10 things in your bed, mostly your monkeys, but any new toy has been known to sleep with you the first few days. I also find books in your bed, you still love books. I love to see you sleeping, you look like the sweet baby I brought home 3 years ago.

You are still the pickiest eater I have ever known. When I tell people how picky you are, they are in disbelief. I can't even call it picky because that would mean you actually try food and decide you don't like it. You just look at food and decide you don't want anything to do with it. You don't like the foods that most toddlers survive on like chicken nuggets, pizza, mac n cheese, and hot dogs. You won't touch those, except maybe an occasional Chickfila nugget. Your daily diet consists of something for breakfast (poptart, cereal, breakfast cookies, and a fruit) crackers and yogurt pretty much make up the rest of the day. You will almost always eat queso when we go out to eat, but not the rice or beans and most the time not even the tortilla. You obviously aren't starving, but I have no idea where your energy comes from. You eat nothing! You are learning to like more fruits but will not touch vegetables of any kind. I've tried everything to sneak in more nutrition for you and you refuse it every time. You're even choosy about the flavor of pediasure I give you, which we call a milkshake.

I must say you are very well behaved. I get compliments about how well behaved you are, especially from your teachers at school. My little teacher's pet, somehow that does not surprise me. They tell me all the time what a great listener you are. So I wonder how that changes when I bring you home? For the most part you listen to what we tell you, sometimes you choose not to listen at all and keep doing exactly what we have just told you not to. Mommy gets very frustrated with you when do you not listen to me. I think you are so smart and that you know better, but maybe sometimes you just don't. You're so good so often, that I find it hard to deal with you when you aren't minding me. You are also very smart. You have a vocabulary that shocks me (narwhal, what?). You can remember anything and everything which has proved to be a blessing and a curse.

All of your toys must now come in collections. Toy Story and Superheros are your favorite. You can't just play with Buzz and Woody, you have to have the entire cast of characters. We've been working on adding to your collection since Christmas. Luckily for your birthday, you got most of your Superhero action figures. However, we don't have Thor, gosh forbid, and we hear about it all the time. On top of those loves, you love dancing and singing, and playing instruments. I think you like the instruments so you can sing loudly. I'm also impressed with your pop culture knowledge. You can spot a Pink song within seconds. I'm not sure how this love come about, but I think it's really funny.

You've also gotten in touch with your spiritual side. You enjoy saying your prayers, mostly thanking God for what you have. After every prayer at dinner you say, "Wow, that's a good prayer Mommy and Daddy". You also really enjoy Sunday School at our new church. You even cried one Sunday when we couldn't go.

You're 3, and you're all boy, and you're all ours. We love you Holt Cannon Kummer.