Thursday, January 16, 2014

What did you do today?

I think most husbands, at least the smart ones, know better than to ask a mom this at the end of the day. But how many times do you put yourself in bed at night completely worn out, and ask yourself the same thing? What did you do today? If you're like me, you go to bed with the house not quite the way you wanted it, you didn't prepare the most delicious meal you've ever made, you wore a ponytail and yoga pants AGAIN (gasp), you put food in wrappers into lunchboxes (gasp, again), you wanted a bath but the mere thought of putting off bed for any longer than a 5 minute shower is exhausting, you wanted to read that book, that magazine, that blog...but you didn't. I have left off the everyday tasks like dishes, unloading the dishwasher, sweeping the floor, counter wiping, milk pouring, snack preparing, apple peeling, etc.  So, what did you do today?

Here's what I didn't do:

My "Formal" Dining Room is a parking lot

I love my second island, but that thing is never CLEAN

And for what I did do:
Taught the baby off and on with the light switch in the closet
Pointed out every animal and sound they make on tv, repeat all day
Removed the baby from big brother's 20 character Superhero set up at least 50 times (we know what happens when the baby knocks over anything big brother has set up, disaster and tears)
Searched for Thor's 2" hammer, Batman pez dispenser (the other 10 Superhero pez dispensers are no good, it MUST be Batman)
Changed Buzz Lightyear's batteries after searching for those dang tiny screwdrivers
Attitude check the 3 year old for yelling at me for not finding said missing items fast enough
Look for socks and shoes, not those shoes Mommy, the OTHER shoes
Feverishly prepare snacks and drinks for the car and errands we are about to run
Play DJ in the car
Play peekaboo, How big is..., and hide and seek 
Put a puzzle together with my 3 year old when the baby napped so I could make him feel special
Prepare 3 meals a day that get thrown to the dog or in the trash mostly
Teach body parts during diaper changes, add animal sounds if it's a really wiggly diaper change
Search for 3" tall Buzz Lightyear, can't find, deal with meltdown
Played Wonder Woman gets saved by whichever Superhero my son is that day
Felt inadequate as a mom that I wasn't at the park or out exploring nature and bugs
Search for the red lego
Read every book that is brought to me
Fulfill every "Hold me" request
Tried not to say "Hold on I'm busy" or "Not right now"
Wiped every tear
Kissed every ouchie
Combed hair out of tired eyes
Cuddled on the couch
Watched a magical bond before siblings form
Tried to burn the exact sound of their laughter into my memory forever
Got teary knowing I won't be able to remember that sound forever

This wasn't a day that I went to the gym, or take anyone to school, or to a doctor's appt, or to an extracurricular activity. This was just a day at home with a few errands, a normal day. And in between just about everything on that list you could add "Feel inadequate as a mom for not doing...something else with my time". But what did I do today? Exactly what I was supposed to do. Today I was the best Mom I could be.

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