Thursday, February 24, 2011

Holt is 7 months!

This is getting more and more depressing every month. I swear I just wrote his 6 month post. Where is time going!? He is getting quite the personality and getting very good at letting me know what he wants. He is communicating with me with different sounds and hand motions, I'm starting to learn what they mean, especially the ones where he does not like whatever he is doing. Holt started babbling a couple weeks ago and I think this is the cutest sound I have ever heard. He is convinced he is talking. He says, "Babababababa, blllllhhhhhaaaa, blaaah, babababa" Little guy is also starting with lalalalalala sounds and the occasional dadadadadada. (And no Kyle, he doesn't know that is you yet)

-His car walker from Meme, it's a sweet ride
-Prefers sitting over laying for the most part
-Music on his toys
-Tags on his toys
-Crinkle toys
-Still obsessing over Bentley
-Daddy throwing him in the air
-Mommy's funny voices
-Scout (even though Holt wasn't an option for names and Scout calls him BUDDY instead, that's ok)
-Peekaboo, especially popping up out of no where!
-The outdoors
-Solids! Likes them all, I really can't determine which ones he likes the best because he eats whatever I put in his mouth
-Phones and remote controls
-Touching faces

-Sitting in his high chair too long
-When I take too long getting his meals ready
-Covering his face
-Getting his lotion on at night
-Not such a huge fan of books anymore, but I am reading them more often so he will change his mind

Stats and facts:
-About 18lbs (based on me weighing myself with and without him on the scale)
-Size 9 months clothes for the most part, still some 6month shirts
-Size 2-3 diapers, moving up to 3s soon though
-He can sit unassisted but still falls backwards when he is tired of it. He can also lean forward and roll over to the side to get to a laying down position. This sometimes entails face planting and tears, but he is ok.
-He can grab and move things from hand to hand with both hands. Excellent motor skills!
-Reaches for things he wants (hanging, in front of him, next to him)
-Everything goes in his mouth
-Mimics motions (waving, high five, sticking tongue out)
-Has fruit and cereal for breakfast, veggie for lunch, fruit and veggie for dinner (1 jar of each a day)
-Nurses 5 times/day
-Bed at 7:30, sleeps until 6 or 6:30, nurses, back down until 8 or 8:30

I know I had more info on my iPhone but it crashed and erased everything since July. Grrrr!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Work at Home Mom

Well the decision has been made...I am going to be a Work at Home Mom. I gave my notice at work last week. Before Christmas I was told I needed to be back in the office 5 days a week instead of the 2 days at home I had been doing since November. This was extremely hard for me to accept. I had the best of both worlds getting to be with Holt 4 days in a row, then getting my adult time while he learned how to be around other children at daycare. After many many conversations with Kyle, we decided it would be best for the family if I left my job to be at home. I was fully prepared to go into my bosses office and tell him this when an opportunity to work part time presented itself. After about a week of negotiating, I had to finally say that it wasn't going to work out. I am very appreciative that they tried to work with me in order to keep me working and getting to be with Holt more. This decision took about 6 weeks to finally decide. I shed tears, lost sleep, got scared, gave up, everything! This was the hardest decision I have ever had to made. I have been working and earning a paycheck since I was 16, even through college. To give that up feels like I am giving up part of myself, or my worth. Kyle reassured me that my worth is now with the family and that I should never look at it that way.

I finally decided to let God lead me in the right direction so I followed what my heart was telling me. Every email I read, or Bible verse someone posted on Facebook, or Joel Osteen email my mom sent me, was speaking to me. I have never felt His presence so much in my life (other than the little miracle he gave me 6 and half months ago). God is telling me to take this risk and leave financial security in order to be the happy wife and mother that my family needs. With all that being said, I am pursuing my own business venture with my Mom. I have mentioned this before. We are custom jewelers specializing in special occasion jewelry, but can do anything really. Our company is called Everlasting Love. I am not the sit at home and play peekaboo all day type and I really enjoy working with people while getting to use my business mind. I want to do something or I will go absolutely bonkers. This is the perfect opportunity to get it started. Hence the name, work at home mom. I will not being "staying" home all day!

Although I have asked my new employer, Kyle Kummer, for a job description, I have also reminded him that this is not 1952. His response is, "All I ask is that you are happy when I come home everyday." I think I can do that.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Solids Setback

I don't know what the deal is, but Holt is refusing solids. He was really getting the hang of it and not he won't even open his mouth. I know we have only been at it for 2 weeks now, but I thought it would get better, not worse. He used to open his mouth right up when he saw the spoon coming, now he just bites his bottom lip. It's not even in protest, it's just his favorite thing to do. I tried to tell him, "You don't get better than sweet potatoes and bananas dude!" He didn't care so much. Now he's starting to fuss through the whole process, squirm, kick, turn his head. When he does open his mouth, he eats what's on the spoon, he doesn't spit it out. So what gives? He obviously likes what it is, just doesn't feel like opening his mouth. This is getting to be very frustrating to do 3 times a day. I'm trying to be patient, but it's tough.

He should be eating several tablespoons of cereal a day and at least a 1/2 jar of food at each sitting. I'm lucky if he's getting 1/2 tblsp of cereal and a half a jar all day. He's on fruits and veggies, and he does have his favorites. At least he did. I have tried mixing them, nursing before, not nursing before, waiting until he is well rested, waiting until he is hungry. I have done every plane, train, and automobile sound that exists. I have had him watch me eat it. I've made MMM sounds AHHH sounds, pinched his cheeks and shoved it in, made him laugh and sneaked it in. In a matter of days he went from improving to not wanting it at all. It has stayed that way. Luckily, I know this is still somewhat "practice" but I'd really like to see it get better. He will eventually require these foods. Any tips other than "just stick with it?"

Friday, February 4, 2011

Baby's First Snow

Well as most of you are aware, we experienced quite a bit of snow today in DFW. I haven't really felt the need to take "Baby's First Snow Pics" until now. We have had ice for 3 days and a brief snow a few weeks ago, but this is the real deal. Holt had no idea what was going on. He had most of his fun with Daddy holding him chasing a very frisky Bentley around the yard. He already finds Bentley hilarious so throw this on top and he was in laughter heaven. I have video but until I figure out how upload it in less than 2 days on blogger, I'll skip it. Enjoy the pics below of our Baby's First Snow!

Family Footprints in the Snow

Still working on this sitting thing which resulted in a face full of snow

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Winter is Here

It seems as though Winter can never enter DFW quietly. It has to bring frigid temps and coat the streets in ice to make it's presence known. Here are some pics of my house. I thought I would mosey on outside so I very carefully started to walk out my front door. I made it about 5 steps and completely busted my butt! Luckily my elbow and hip broke the fall therefore saving my iPhone and camera. Whew! I am just glad I left Holt inside. I was seriously about to carry him with me but I didn't feel like getting him all bundled up. It makes me sick to think what might have happened if I was holding him. UGH. I was being so careful and I still fell. It looks like snow, but is solid ice. Crazy! Check out the pics of my house below.

The door was practically frozen shut!

My street, the ice rink

This looked harmless, but it is where I slipped. OUCH!

Bentley saying, "Yeah, I don't think so Woman. I'm not going out there."

Stay warm, stay bundled, and be safe!