Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First Mall Outing

Holt and I ventured to the mall for the first time yesterday. It was a gloomy day and I thought it would do our moods good to get out of the house. But to be perfectly honest, I really just wanted an Auntie Anne's pretzel (jalapeno with cheese dip, mmm). My mouth was watering every time I thought about one so I went all the way to the mall to get it. This would be my second time getting the stroller out of my car and I was hoping I didn't look like the "newbie" that I knew I was. Well if Supermom and her 2 kids hadn't whipped into the parking space next to me, I would have gotten away with it. Before I could even compose myself to get out of the car and face the 5 minute challenge of getting the stroller out, Holt in, diaper bag and emergency distraction toys packed, Supermom had her 3 year old out in a stroller and her 9 week old safely strapped to her in a Baby Bjorn. There was smoke coming off her sneakers and I swear she said "Eat my dust Newbie." No actually Veronica was very nice, it's amazing how much you learn about someone in a 30 second walk from the parking garage. I even said to her, "You look like a pro!" Dangit, I just exposed myself! UGH, to make matters worse she had to help me figure out how to lower the back part of my stroller because the carrier wouldn't fit. On the way into the mall she said, "You go it?" No Veronica, I want you to walk around with me until we leave to make sure I'm doing this right, OF COURSE I GOT IT. No really, she was very nice and invited me to her Stroller Strides workout class, you get to use your baby to work out. No thanks, I'm playing the "I had a C Section card" as long as I can. So off she went to buy her daughter shoes for school and I went back to the car to get the item I needed to return...crap.

So I got to the register to return the item and this curious little girl walked away from her mom, who didn't even notice, to come look at Holt in the stroller. I noticed she was holding a bird feather. Like the kind you see on the ground in a park, the kind you DO NOT touch because it's so disease ridden. Well her mom, Mom of the Year (not), let her carry this nasty thing around. She kept looking at me and looking at Holt. I tried my best to smile but all I could think was "Please do not touch my child with that nasty feather or your SARS infected fingers! Get away from the stroller." I stood there with a half smile while I slowly turned the stroller 180 degrees away from her. Then I returned the item and contemplated using the store credit on myself or Holt...he won. I found super cute outfits on clearance for like $4 each. This mall outing was looking up finally!

From there it was off to find some clothes for me that accomplished a few things: hiding the leftover belly, looking stylish, and going past my knees when I pull them up. I decided until I start working out again and discover what my new body will look like, I'm a hostage to elastic waisted bottoms. Bring on the leggings! It's too hot for jeans anyways right?

By now I'm dying for that pretzel! Just a new nursing bra purchase away from my treat! I look at the clock, I have about 15 minutes before he wakes up starving to make my purchase, get my pretzel, and get home. 2-3 hours goes by really fast, by the way, when you are nursing your baby. Auntie Anne's here I come, and it's going to be 10 minutes before my delicious jalapeno pretzel is ready. NOOOOOOO!!! The whole reason I forced myself to the mall in the first place! I decide any flavor will do and I just get the original. Still quite tasty. I booked it out of there hoping Supermom and I didn't cross paths again on our way to the parking garage. Of course not, her car was long gone when I got back there. After one more stroller through the door struggle and another stranger asking me, "You got it?" (in which I replied YES as the wheel got stuck on the door so clearly I did not) I made it to the car and devoured my pretzel. This newbie made it home just in time to feed him. I felt so accomplished for the day then I realized it was 1:30. I was exhausted. How was I going to pass the time until Kyle got home??

Friday, August 27, 2010

Special Moments

In my five weeks of being a new mom, I have experienced many special moments. Now that Holt is getting a little more stability and strength, he seems to be growing everyday! Yesterday there were two sweet moments that I wanted to remember and since I'm behind in whipping out his baby book, I thought I would at least write about it so I can refer back to it.

I was feeding him yesterday afternoon and he grabbed onto my pointer finger. I thought it was just a reflex and I went to pull my finger away to change the tv channel or something of that nature. He grabbed onto it even tighter, so tight that I couldn't pry it loose. Again I thought this was a reflex, so I tried again. Again, as soon as he felt me start to pull away he held on even tighter. I realize whatever channel I was trying to change was insignificant compared to my baby just wanting to be that much closer to me. I really started to tear up at the thought of leaving him to go back to work in about 6 weeks and missing more of these sweet moments. How in the world am I going to manage? I'd rather be poor and happy.

Another special moment yesterday was at his bath-time. This is normally a time he hates, but is starting to get used to it. (Partially because he loves the fish towel from Grandma Kummer that keeps him warm the entire time, if you don't have one, get one!) The other night Kyle mentioned that eventually bath-time was going to be he and Holt's time. So instead of hovering to make sure the water was just the right temp and that he cleaned his hands off, I decided to go get his pj's and diaper ready for when he got out. I walked back by the bathroom and the love between Holt and Kyle stopped me in my tracks. I stood in the doorway staring at Kyle holding him in his hands, facing eachother, just smiling back and forth. There was my tall, strong, football playing husband making sweet babytalk to our little boy all in hopes of catching a smile from him. At that moment, I realized I had everything I wanted in life (so far...) and that this was my life. A life I always dreamed of and now it's mine. God is so good and I thank him everyday for the blessings he has given to me. Just thought I would share because we all need a reminder of what life is really about.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The First Month

We survived the first month together as a family! I can't believe it's already been a month (well I'm a week late posting about it, better late than never). I must say, we have a very happy baby. He keeps us calm and in turn we keep him calm. The pediatrician remembers him from the nursery as one of the most chill babies she has ever seen. I think we'll keep him. Here are some of his favorite and not favorite things so far:

-Walks in the stroller
-Tummy Time on his activity mat, he loves talking at this time
-Being Mommy's tree frog (sleeping all curled up on my chest)
-Naps with Daddy
-Looking at lights and ceiling fans ALL day long
-Moving constantly, he's my squirmy worm (also explains the constant and sometimes painful movements in the womb)
-Looking at Freddy the Frog on his bouncer
-Nighttime routine of saying our prayers and listening to Jesus Loves Me
-Being held

Least Favs
-Diaper Changes, still.
-Changing clothes, still.
-Bath time, this is more of a love hate relationship. Some nights he loves it, some nights he hates it.
-Sleeping (luckily only hates it during the day)
-Peeing himself when he sleeps, who wouldn't hate that?

A typical day for us goes like this, our schedules are all contingent upon when he wakes up for his middle of the night feeding:
Get up for the day and get him ready after eating. We read a book or play with our rattles. I eat breakfast and he sits in his bouncer. This can last anywhere from 2 seconds to 20 minutes. We go on a morning walk.
I try to make myself look presentable while he chills or naps. Eats around 11:30 or 12:30. I eat quickly and try to pump if he goes down for his long nap.
If he wakes up from his long nap, we go do tummy time after he eats. If this is now the time of his long nap, he sleeps and I either pick up the house or rest myself.
Usually a feeding in here somewhere before Daddy gets home at 6. Sometimes the feeding is right before we eat at 7ish.
Daddy time! He takes him while I shower or mess around on the computer. Sometimes we go to dinner. Another feeding before he gets ready for bed around 9pm.
Bath time every other night. We read a prayer and say a prayer together. We play the Jesus Loves Me lamb from Grandma Kummer. He goes down until the next feeding around 10:30 or 11pm.
Last feeding of the night. He has slept until 5am a few times, 4am a couple times, but typically wakes up around 3 to eat. See how this can affect our whole day?

He eats 8 times a day and I try to pump at least once, aim for twice. He starts daycare when I go back to work in October and I need a hefty supply built up for that!

He's really a good baby and makes us so happy. We've enjoyed visits from all the grandparents the past 2 weeks and are looking forward to our first TCU game next weekend, on my 27th birthday!

Monday, August 9, 2010

I miss my hubby...

No, he's not out of town. He's here and he's been here everyday since Holt was born. But I miss him in other ways. Another thing no one can prepare you for after having a baby is how your time management changes. We all know it's going to happen, but until you are in that situation you can't see how it will go. So as I am more in love with him than ever seeing him as a dad, I miss my hubby! I love seeing Kyle as a daddy to our little boy. He is everything I knew he would be as a father. He just adores Holt and could spend all day looking at him, just like me. I miss being able to curl up on the couch next to Kyle and watch a movie or tv. We've watched a movie together, but it was often interrupted by an adorable crying baby boy. When given any spare moment when Holt is asleep, I also take that opportunity to catch some ZZZs. Not by choice either, Kyle makes me knowing how sleep deprived I get at night. He bought a new truck 2 weeks ago and I have yet to ride in it. In the past he would have come home and I would have jumped right in for a joy ride. But, he doesn't have the car seat set up in there yet. I miss the one on one time with Kyle that we took for granted before. Don't get me wrong about any of this, we are in love with our baby and would not change anything. We look forward to getting him ready for bed together and reading his prayers every night. We almost fight over who gets to hold him during our nightly routine. Ok, not fight but I secretly want to hold him every time. Although I find it adorable when I glance up from reading to see Kyle just staring at Holt with the utmost of love.

My point is, although we're on this new journey together and we wouldn't change a second of it, I was surprised to look at Kyle recently and think to myself, "I miss him." So with that being said, when Grandma and Grampa Kummer get here on Friday they're sending us on a date! Woo hoo. Now to find the best possible restaurant choice within 5 minutes of our house...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What they don't tell you: Labor and Delivery

As promised, here is what they don't tell you about labor and delivery, and after. Now remember I had a C Section, so I can't speak for those of you that will deliver vaginally.

-So so so thirsty, not so much hungry, but so thirsty. The cup of water or even just an ice chip after that delivery will taste like the best water or ice you have ever had.
-C Section Moms, your mouth will be so incredibly dry afterwards, like not the slightest bit moist. AND you can't have ice or water until they think your tummy can handle it. Could be hours!
-I feel bad looking at people's pictures after giving birth and thinking, "Wow she really packed on the lbs at the end." Those lbs are the bags and bags of fluids they pump in you all day. You will not recognize your own face. And your ankles, pshhh, say goodbye to those for about a week. Can you say tree trunk legs?
-You and your baby will both be in diapers after delivery
-Pooping the table: it happens
-You'll sweat so much the first night even if the room is freezing because of the anesthesia leaving your system. I mean you'll drench the sheets.
-I secretly wished I had a catheter all the time, awesome. C Sections, get up the next morning and walk around. It will hurt and you can't do much about it, but the sooner you get up and moving, the better the recovery.
-You have never feared, yet looked forward, to a bowel movement so much.
-Send your baby to the nursery at night for some uninterrupted sleep
-Pack nightgowns and a robe, pajama pants will get destroyed and be very uncomfortable. (Have nightgowns at home too.) Much easier when they come check you and change your diaper. :)
-It is one of the most emotional days you'll ever experience
-Take everything left in the bassinet when you leave the hospital. (Diapers, tshirts, wipes.)
-C Section moms, get extras of the mesh panties they give you. Unfortunately it's the only think that will go over your incision comfortably for the next week or so.
-Wear a dress home if possible
-Buy Medela Softshells for sore nipples if you plan on breastfeeding. They're made of plastic therefore keeping your clothing off of those sore nips, and they will be sore.
-Once you get home, it does come natural to be a mom. Stay calm and relaxed. Baby can sense that.
-If it works out, go to bed after the last feeding at night, even if its early, while your hubby stays up to his normal bed time. You'll get a couple hours of good sleep before you have to wake up every 2-3 hours to feed.
-The hardest part of it all is resting when they are sleeping. You'll want to do a million other things(like blog when you should be napping) but seriously try to take advantage of the quiet time and sleep. Do other everyday chores when they are awake.
-You'll check to see if they are breathing about a million times a day/night
-Don't be ashamed if you are still in pj's 24/7, weeks after giving birth, you deserve it.

Hmmm, that's all I can remember for now. You will be tired, very tired. We're still adjusting and trying to get a routine down. You'll figure it out.

On a side note, Holt had his 2 week checkup today. He is still under his birthweight at 7lbs 10oz, 25th percentile, and is now 22inches long, 90th percentile. Tall and slim, hopefully he stays that way like his Daddy! All is well with him. Now I'm off to fold his 4th load of laundry in a week before taking a little nap!